Top 10 Funniest Biker Movie Quotes

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7. Roadside Prophets

Foadside Prophets

Casper: “So what do you guys do?”
Sam: “We ride.”
Casper: “Outlaws, huh?”
Sam: “Yep. What about you?”
Casper: “Me? I’m symbionese.”

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  • Arlo Sween

    “Chopper Chicks in the Zombie Town” was a classic, yes, but c’mon, there had to be something good from “Fast Charlie, The Moonbeam Rider”!

  • VeganLondonMan

    Ah Long Way Round… the movie that got my wife into motorbikes-THANKS EWAN AND CHARLIE

  • Scott Chalmers

    Come on, A lot of great lines in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man. When Don Johnsons bike was acting up he said I should put this old horse out of her missery, Then Harley (Mickey Rourke) pulled out a gun and shot at Don’s bike and missed, Don said “Dam#’t Harley, If you had to shoot for sh#t, you would’nt get a wiff!

  • Chris Cope

    “Yo, Kat. Drop the zero and get wit da hero” – Vanilla Ice, Cool As Ice

  • Send Margaritas

    “Ewan McGregor: “I said, ‘Eve, I want you to look after my wedding ring while I’m away,’ and she started to cry and I said, ‘Eve, Eve, I can’t wear my ring or I won’t get laid on the trip.’””So, how did Ewan’s divorce go? lol!

  • D-Mac

    What about “Burn rubber not your soul” from Biker Boyz