Top 10 Funniest Biker Movie Quotes

For every poignant motorcycle movie there exists at least 10 poorly scripted, low-budget alternatives. But whether big-budget or low-budget, money can’t buy funny. With that in mind, we selected some of the best gut chucklers we could find from both the profound and the shallowest of biker films. As with any good Top 10 the laughs get better as the numbers decrease. But if you’ve a funnier biker film quote than what we’ve compiled here we’d love to hear it.

  • Arlo Sween

    “Chopper Chicks in the Zombie Town” was a classic, yes, but c’mon, there had to be something good from “Fast Charlie, The Moonbeam Rider”!

  • VeganLondonMan

    Ah Long Way Round… the movie that got my wife into motorbikes-THANKS EWAN AND CHARLIE

  • Scott Chalmers

    Come on, A lot of great lines in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man. When Don Johnsons bike was acting up he said I should put this old horse out of her missery, Then Harley (Mickey Rourke) pulled out a gun and shot at Don’s bike and missed, Don said “Dam#’t Harley, If you had to shoot for sh#t, you would’nt get a wiff!

  • “Yo, Kat. Drop the zero and get wit da hero” – Vanilla Ice, Cool As Ice

  • Send Margaritas

    “Ewan McGregor: “I said, ‘Eve, I want you to look after my wedding ring while I’m away,’ and she started to cry and I said, ‘Eve, Eve, I can’t wear my ring or I won’t get laid on the trip.’””So, how did Ewan’s divorce go? lol!

  • What about “Burn rubber not your soul” from Biker Boyz

  • John Neil

    Some funny quotes, and as they are quotes “nigga” and “fag” should have been quoted properly, not edited to look politically correct in this time of the twattering masses insisting on such self censorship!