4. Run For The Wall



The annual Run For The Wall event is specifically dedicated to US soldiers who are missing in action or prisoners of war. “The Wall” is the national memorial in Washington D.C. built to honor U.S. soldiers who fought, died or are unaccounted for during America’s conflict with Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The event is comprised of three different ride routes – Central, Midway, Southern – and takes place over the course of nine days, May 13 – 22. Started in 1989, the Run For The Wall celebrates its 26th run in 2015. To be a part of event go to rftw.org.

  • fastfreddie

    I think Isle of man TT should get honorable mention.

  • Plastic Cup

    I know it’s not Harley-centric but for those of us into the vintage bike scene there is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Distinguished Ladies are also welcome! This ride supports prostate cancer research and is held worldwide on the same day, September 27th to be exact. http://www.gentlemansride.com/

  • Scott

    Come Ride with http://www.motodracing.com, here’s our Event Schedule. It’s the best place to ride without any cops, guardrails, or cars getting in your way. http://www.motodracing.com/events

  • Steve Brooks

    The Tour of Honor sites will be released April 1. Benefiting veterans and first responder charities.