Shapes, lines, and forms are important considerations for a designer, and Eccles took these values to heart when designing the Hyper Scrambler. His goal was to keep the bike as narrow as possible, its width determined by the frame. To that end, he tossed the stock subframe, and with the help of local fabricator Turk’s Shop, replaced it with this flat piece that rounds at its rearmost section. Incorporated into the new subframe are thin LED strips that double as both brake lights and turn indicators. Acker Leather Works upholstered the seat in the same grippy vinyl often used in motocross seats.

Instead of the stock subframe, which was partially hidden by the seat and panels, the new seat gets tucked into (not over) the redesigned subframe, exposing it while continuing the design elements seen at the front of the motorcycle. When standing behind the bike, Eccles wanted the Hyper Scrambler’s shape to remain narrow throughout, tapering ever narrower the closer one looked towards the front, culminating with the headlight noting that, “The seat, tank and headlight are all part of one tapered form.”