Continuing and ending the theme of car-engined motorcycles is this outrageously wild creation from Ludovic Lazareth that uses a Maserati V-8. Of note, it’s not even the Maser motor that is the craziest part of the design, it’s the fact that it has four wheels but leans in corners, as each wheel is mounted to an individual single-sided swingarm.

Introducing The Lazareth LM 847, The Four-Wheeled Motorcycle

As brazen as the LM is, it wouldn’t make this list without a V-8, and here we’ve got 4691cc mill producing a claimed 470 hp at 7000 rpm and 457 lb-ft at 4750 rpm. The motor is a 90-degree arrangement with a cross-plane crank design. In a Maserati Gran Turismo, the engine must carry about 4100 pounds; the Lazareth said to tip the scales at “just” 881 lbs and has a wheelbase of 72 inches. More info at the company’s website.

  • 12er

    Figured the Guzzi was Numero Uno and rightfully so.

    • Sallie

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  • Starmag

    That Boss Hoss vid was hilarious, the metal backing track, the editing etc. Not surprising it is from Immokalee. I’m guessing those were 1/8 mi. times. Still fast.

    I agree the Morbidelli has a beautiful engine.

    There’s a replica(!) of the Guzzi V8 in the Solvang Museum.

  • spiff

    The Curtiss is the coolest.


    love the Curtiss video-bevel gear shaft drive too! a great man in aircraft and motorcycling

  • Keith T Robinson

    no Honest Charley flathead? BOO!

  • Clutchman11

    No love for the Moto Guzzi dustbin?
    Andreas Georgeades creation? Okay, that’s technically a one off but even so.
    Or the Aurora V8?

    • Kevin Duke

      The Guzzi and Aurora are in there!

      • Clutchman11

        Man… I seem to have been sleep reading seeing how I missed those two! No excuses, my apologies!

        • spiff

          Don’t apologize. Blame a crappy internet connection.

  • Bmwclay

    Truly, only the Morbidelli is worth owning!

  • Mike Reese

    Motus Motorcycles out of Alabama makes a baby block pushrod LS V4 that is a great alternative to any of these V8 bikes, sounds Nascar, smooth, handles great and is an overall great motorcycle to experience, not like these overstuffed toys.