5. Go-to Gear


I hate to come off like a hypocrite shill since I do get most of my gear for free. But I have to say, good motorcycle gear is no place to economize if you can possibly afford not to. My red Ducati jacket (made by Dainese) was expensive once upon a time too many years ago to mention, but I still wear it all the time.

And I’d wear this Vanson jacket more if it would ever break in. Same goes for my tired old Frye boots. (All three items are 100-percent Velcro-free.) This is one of those times where less expensive doesn’t mean better, and the premium you pay for a jacket or boots you love is minuscule amortized over 20 years. Or 30, but who’s counting?

  • Guest

    Why on a Revolver EVO which has a retractable sun-shade?

  • Chris_in_Kalifornia

    I would love to have a 1985 Honda CB700SC Nighthawk with electronic fuel injection. That would be my perfect motorcycle. The only thing I’d change would be to add fuel capacity. Give it 5.5 gallons or even just 5 would be cool. 3.7 just wasn’t enough. But since I no longer commute 90 miles each way every day I could do with 3.7. But NEVER EVER stop for gas in Ludlow, Goffs or that station 10 miles north of Barstow unless you absolutely have to. Their gas prices are astronomical even for CA. I love long range riding capacity. That’s one of the reasons I bought the Vstrom 650 instead of a Kawasaki Concours to commute on. That extra gallon of gas gave me security should a freeway be closed. Had I have been at LAX on my Vstrom I could have ridden home even the day of the last really big earthquake, the one that closed the 5/14 split. I’d have had to ride to San Bernardino and up over the 15 but I wouldn’t have needed gas. Oops. Got sidetracked. Darn, never did that when I was riding, did you?
    EFI is definitely the best thing to come along.

  • fastfreddie

    #6 should include Mike Hailwood.Hail to the king baby!