1. Punk Kids


Nothing makes you appreciate being an adult more. And nothing makes the manufacturers stretch their imaginations farther as they strive to come up with inexpensive motorcycles that will woo those who were born jaded.

Witness the new H-D Street 750. The Honda CB500F is a hoot. So will be the new Yamaha FZ-07. With their near-complete ignorance of all non-Xbox-based or iPhone technologies, the kids transport us back to a time when we were just as innocent and trusting and hopeful – before The Man beat us down and put us to work. Most of us.

Which reminds me: Thanks, Dad, for disapproving of the whole motorcycle deal, thereby reverse-herding me down not such a bad career path. And to my own son, for dragging him along behind me: You’re Welcome! Now it’s time to think about getting a job to support your habit. Our habit.