8. Bikemaster 17-Piece Tool Kit $65.95


As bikes have gotten progressively better over the years, one thing has remained essentially unchanged or gotten worse. The OEM tool kits supplied with new bikes – if at all – continue to serve little use other than uniformly rounding fasteners, rendering them functionally useless. The challenge for bikers is finding a reasonably priced selection of tools that can handle most roadside wrenching needs.

Bikemaster has stepped in to provide your two-wheeled father with a portable tool kit that can be rolled up to fit in many metric bikes’ storage. The Bikemaster 17-Piece Tool Kit contains tools for the most common sized fasteners on metric motorcycles. Open-ended wrenches fit 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17mm sizes, while the 6” adjustable wrench takes care of bigger bolts. You also get the ever popular 10mm combination wrench. A 3/8” drive ratchet can power the 18 and 21mm spark plug sockets (or any other sockets you choose to include in the kit). Allen bolts can be handled with the 10-piece metric hex key set (with 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8 and 10mm sizes).

The locking pliers can be used in a variety of clamping operations. The five zip ties (just add more, you can never have enough zip ties) can hold any number of broken parts together. Safety wire has so many uses that it should be illegal. Electrical tape can also be enlisted for many temporary repairs, and if your problem is truly electrical in nature, you have some electrical wire in the kit, too. A pen-type tire gauge, a flashlight, a 6-in-1 screwdriver, and a spark plug gap tool round out the kit’s contents – all of which are contained in the fabric tool bag. Dad can’t miss with this kit!

  • dcooper

    One more to add to your list…Check out the Keyport Slide (mykeyport.com) – The Keychain Reinvented and the motorcyclist’s best friend. Designed by an avid motorcyclist, the Keyport Slide replaces your bulky keychain by consolidating keys (including your motorcycle key) and tools (USB, mini-light, pen, bottle opener, loyalty tags, etc.) into a single streamlined device the size of a box of Tic Tacs. No more having to keep your moto key separate so as not to scratch up your ride. Here is a quick video of the Keyport in action in the life of a motorcyclist – http://vimeo.com/92523860