3. Dunlop Q3 tires, $165.95 – $170.95 Front, $204.95 – 290.95 Rear


Now let’s say your dad likes splitting his time between the street and the racetrack. He’ll want rubber that will warm up quickly for his usual weekend rides, while having a solid performer at the track to rip around on. The Dunlop Q3 is that tire. The Q3 incorporates CFT, or Carbon Fiber Technology. Using carbon filaments in the tire’s sidewall, the advantage, Dunlop says, is lighter feeling on turn-in, better stability at full lean, and more composure driving out of a corner. It’s amazing that a tire with such high track performance can perform equally well on the street, but the Q3 benefits from Dunlop’s vast experience in the AMA paddock and it shows. Available in most popular sizes, if dad is looking for new rubber on his sport(y) bike, look no further.