5. Harbor Freight 301-Piece Tool Kit $249.99


What a coincidence: Every bike needs maintenance, and every dad loves tools. It’s a perfect pairing! With this 301-piece mechanics tool kit from Harbor Freight, there should be enough tools here for dad to accomplish almost any maintenance item he will need to perform. With a comprehensive collection of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, sockets and more, in both metric and SAE measurements, these chrome vanadium tools are built to last and even come with a lifetime warranty. This handy carrying case is also included to keep everything organized. Visit the Harbor Freight website to get yours and act fast – as of press time this tool kit is on sale for $189.99!

  • Over $100? That’s dreaming.

  • Steven Holmes

    heh heh heh. $65k for 1 bike. I could buy 12 bikes with $65k burning a hole in my wallet. Some of them even new!

    I think i’d feel odd riding a bike that costs more than my HOUSE. Much rather have several to play with 🙂

    • Kevin

      Oh go ahead and wish for the bike. If you get one you can always sell it, pay off the house and buy a couple of fun bikes to play with.

  • Old MOron

    Ha ha ha, Harbor Freight!

    For the record, I like some of the items on this list.
    But picking on Harbor Freight is irresistible for a MOron like me.

    • Adam

      Harbor Freight tools are usually built to withstand lying on a flat, stationary surface. Applying any more force than that you are asking for trouble.