7. River Road Men’s Ironclad Jacket $199.95


For the cruiser dad looking for a new jacket, the men’s Ironclad Jacket from River Road is one to take into serious consideration. The Ironclad is a solidly constructed leather jacket, that looks good on or off the bike. The quilted, fully-sleeved inner liner means you can keep riding even when it gets a little chilly outside. And when the weather warms up, vents on both sleeves and across the back help provide airflow to keep you cool. Back gussets and waist straps provide a secure fit and freedom of movement for a wide range of body types. The snap system keeps the collar down when at speed. Numerous interior and exterior pockets means there’s tons of room for wallets, keys and phones. An impressive leather jacket at a nice price, it’s available in sizes 38-64. Learn more at www.riverroadgear.com.

  • Over $100? That’s dreaming.

  • Steven Holmes

    heh heh heh. $65k for 1 bike. I could buy 12 bikes with $65k burning a hole in my wallet. Some of them even new!

    I think i’d feel odd riding a bike that costs more than my HOUSE. Much rather have several to play with 🙂

    • Kevin

      Oh go ahead and wish for the bike. If you get one you can always sell it, pay off the house and buy a couple of fun bikes to play with.

  • Old MOron

    Ha ha ha, Harbor Freight!

    For the record, I like some of the items on this list.
    But picking on Harbor Freight is irresistible for a MOron like me.

    • Adam

      Harbor Freight tools are usually built to withstand lying on a flat, stationary surface. Applying any more force than that you are asking for trouble.