Top 10 Motorcycling Roads Around the World

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Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen Norway Winding Road

With its 9% gradient and 11 hairpin bends, Norway’s County Road 63 is one of the most popular moto-tourism locations in an area known for having plenty of them. Given the choice, we couldn’t decide which Norwegian switchback pass we wanted to ride. So we chose the one with the coolest name.

Trollstigen Norway Map

“The Troll Ladder” is a steep winding mountain road located in the Rauma region of Norway. Usually wet from either the rain or the mists off the Stigfossen, the road is crisscrossed by waterfalls on its way to the top (or bottom, depending on your perspective), riders who conquer the challenging road are rewarded with a viewing balcony at the top of Trollveggen (Troll Mountain), offering spectacular views of the winding turns and the valley below.

One of the more popular rides in Norway, YouTube is full of videos of the Troll Ladder being ridden; here’s a sampler.


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  • fastfreddie

    The roads leading to and from ‘Geiranger’ is better,and close by so no need to miss them if you’re doing ‘Trollstigen’.

  • TonyCarlos

    I’ve driven to Hana, and was right next door to the Transfagarasan. Guess I’ve got a long bucket list yet to go.

    • beekay31

      I’ll be doing the Road to Hana in June. I’ll have non-riders with me, though, so I’ll probably be driving, unfortunately.

      • TonyCarlos

        As I recall it, the road to Hana is too twisty to be a great bike road. You’ll never get out of second.
        Scenic and lush, it’s probably a better bicycle road.

  • bbtowns

    That’s a lot of roads to dream about. This was a better list than those I usually see. Was surprised to see the Beartooth didn’t make the list, but lot’s of great roads did. Time to travel!

    • Eric

      The Beartooth is amazing and should be on any list.

  • Phoneix_Ikki

    I am shocked, with great motorcycle crash almost every weekend, you mean to tell me The Snake in Malibu didn’t make it to the list? None of the roads listed here will allow you to do dirtbike jump on a R6 like this..

    • fastfreddie

      You can get a longer jump on ‘Trollstigen’;)

  • BigJames

    Not a single road on the North American continent made the list. Do what? Just try a couple of these on a touring bike, I dare you. Mighty fine list though… Hit YouTube, most of these can be found there for you to virtually check out.

  • Jonny Langston

    Just for the record, Fellas: this was a list of “Top 10 FANTASY RIDES” – dream rides we’d take if money, time and all those other little details of life were not a consideration.
    Not sure when, how or why it turned into “Top 10 Motorcycling Roads Around the World.” But I can say if I’d been conscripted to put together THAT list, it likely would have looked a bit different….and yes, included some North American roads. Maybe. ;)

  • Roger Clark

    Guys – Australia – Great Ocean Road!!!!!

    • Netbikes Cool

      done it, nice road but, too slow, too many grey nomads, too many cops, which imo takes it out of the top ten.


    OH YA BABE, That is amazing..that is my home…been there many times! amazing to see it making on this site – Brasil-Santa Catarina e Parana! The mighty Atlantic Forest SERRAS!

  • Gixxer

    Great writeup, but it isnt Troll Ladder, it should be Troll Path.
    I have been there a couple of times and its a great road/path and nature, and the norwegians are great.

  • Marcel Martinéz

    why stop at 10? lets see all of them

  • Eduardo

    Jon, should try coming to Lima, Peru – from here you can drive 98 miles up to 15,800 feet on the most spectacular scenery, this is the highest rail mountain crossing in the world.-

  • Dan

    I am over 6′ tall, currently nipping around on a chinese 125 scooter. Going to take my big boys test in the next few months and just don’t know what to buy. I want a good upright position like you seem to get with the big bmws but can’t afford a big bmw! Also I want to know about windshields as the scooter has non and I don’t want to be fighting headwinds

  • Fredrik Hoffmann

    The “trollstigen” actually means “the troll path” as locally “stig” means “path” Not important, but anyway….. so…….

  • James Huston

    Didn’t they not close the Nurburgring I know the green party won a vote in the German Parliament to close the “ring” to stop global warming was it over turned?

  • Backroad Bob

    Hats off to whoever has ridden any of them. In Amalfi, stop to see and tour the church. Fantastico!

  • cathries