3. Topping Off The Tank To Prevent Fuel Separation


The increased use of ethanol in gasoline has made keeping your tank full when your bike is parked for any length of time a vital necessity – particularly for those in humid climates. The extra air in a partially full tank contains moisture that will be absorbed into the gas. Once the ethanol in the gas has sucked up as much moisture as it can hold, the fuel can separate, leaving a thick, gummy layer in the bottom of the tank that can clog fuel injectors.

Of course, the best remedy is to never park your bike. Just keep fuel flowing through the system as you ride through tankful after tankful. Since we have to eat and sleep sometime, our bikes do get parked on occasion. If you realize at one of those times that your tank is not completely full, immediately ride your bike to the nearest gas station to top it off – or better yet, go for a tank draining ride to make sure you have the absolutely freshest fuel you can in your tank before re-parking your bike.