8. Vote


While this might not make sense at first, with a little thought the logic becomes clear. Most non-riders don’t notice motorcycles unless they’re doing something that attracts negative attention. So, even though they may pass dozens of motorcyclists on a typical urban commute, they only remember the one or two obnoxiously loud pipes – or the guy who overly aggressively weaves his way through traffic – and wonder why all riders behave that way.

By showing up at your local voting precinct, wearing proper protective gear, you’re sending a message to your neighbors that motorcyclists are active contributors to our society. If you have kids, bring one along (again, in proper riding gear) to remind them that we reproduce, are responsible adults, and are teaching the next generation the importance of performing our civic duty as part of a vital democracy. Finally, make sure your ride to the precinct is long enough to mull over all the important issues you are about to decide.