There are reasons for crashing, and then there are excuses. If you’ve ever dumped a motorcycle due to something silly or careless, then you probably know the difference. You feel stupid and embarrassed, and there’s no way you want to admit to your buddies, your significant other, or your insurance company just what it was you did, exactly. So, you make something up.

For this week’s Top 10, we explore our favorite excuses for crashing. Some of these are choice words we’ve used ourselves, while others are words we’ve overheard along the years and are too good not to share. Got a great excuse of your own? Share it with us in the comments section.

10. Birds

“I swear it came out of nowhere! I was just riding along, minding my own business, then suddenly a seagull flew right into me as I was turning this corner. He knocked my arm off the bars and I fell.”

“I can’t believe there’s no feathers anywhere.”

9. Gravel

“I get my knee down on that freeway onramp everyday on my way to work, so I know what I’m doing. But this time there was gravel where my front tire was, and I lowsided right into the wall.”

8. Cars

“I can’t believe that car swerved right into me as I was lane splitting!”

“How fast were you going?”

“I dunno, like, 70.”

“How fast were the cars going?”

“Like, 20.”

“Are you sure it was really the driver’s fault?”

7. Glare

“I clipped the side of that car because there was glare in my eyes, and I couldn’t see it.”

6. Wrong Bike

“That’s why I don’t ride other people’s bikes anymore. I borrowed Jeff’s bike, and it didn’t handle like my bike. If it were my bike, I could have made that stoppie. Easy.”

5. 600s vs. 1000s

“I had to rev my CBR600 so much just to get it to wheelie, that’s why I crashed. Because I revved it too much one time and it flipped over. Now, I don’t have to rev my CBR1000 that much to wheelie.”

4. Coworkers


“I wouldn’t have crashed, but my coworker slid across the pavement right into me.”

3. Ice

“Black ice in Southern California?! When is there ever ice on the roads here?!?!”

2. Oil

“One minute I see all the pretty colors of the rainbow, the next minute I’m falling because of someone else’s oil. If only they had moved out of the way.”

1. Tires

And my all-time favorite crash excuse: “I couldn’t break-in my tires in the B group, so that’s why I crashed in the A group.”

Yes, I really did hear this.