6. Wrong Bike

busted fork

“That’s why I don’t ride other people’s bikes anymore. I borrowed Jeff’s bike, and it didn’t handle like my bike. If it were my bike, I could have made that stoppie. Easy.”

  • fastfreddie

    Gravel caught me out when I had my most serious accident.It’s damn near invisible,and for some reason I can’t maintain my near perfect 55 degree lean angle when it’s around…:p

  • Steven Holmes

    guy in #6… you know that left a permanent mark… *shudders*

    • Yeah, that fork is having a bad day.

      • Bill Farr

        A forking bad day?

  • Old MOron

    “Black ice in Southern California?” I know this was probably tongue-in-cheek, but if you have any doubts, try riding Hwy 33 into Ventucopa on a winter morning.

  • JWaller

    Here’s another one, unreported fog. I’ve been on my way to work and run into fog that was not reported nor was it in the forecast. I haven’t wrecked because of it, but I could see how it could happen. It has definitely caused me to be late, and if I didn’t get in a wreck, it was more of luck than my skill.

  • Mario

    I don’t understand the “bird” one…. I had a duck fly out from behind a bush a few feet in front of me, smashed my headlight in, and hit my shoulder. At about 35 mph.
    I didnt; crash, but I probably would have if it hit my face. It wouldn’t have been an “excuse”.

    • oldguy

      I agree, I have had a direct impact with a crow.Fortunately I was wearing a full face helmet and all it did was break the visor and bloody my nose.41 years of riding saved my life , I did not crash.Not everyone is old or a moron.They don’t mix.

  • budfox21

    Crashing is an everyday risk when on a motorcycle….I still don’t understand why there are so many idiots who think they are immune and chose not to wear a crash helmet. Especially when they are typically moronic old guys much more susceptible to serious injury.

    • Old MOron

      Ha ha ha, I may be a MOronic old guy, but I do wear a helmet.

    • Charlie Miller

      I agree helmets are important but that was very moronic of you to assume that it’s typically older guys who choose not to wear them

    • deadendbill

      My only $0.02 is perhaps the whippersnapper thinks 30 is an “old guy”!!

    • rreschran

      What an moronic statement. If you review accident statistics and the ages of riders, you’ll see that all that testosterone and need-for-speed are younger riders. Believe me … pain is a powerful motivator to not ride like a moron. It’s got nothing to do with being an old guy.

    • NOT over the internet

      I survived when Doctors said I should have Died If 17000 days of searing pain is a substitute for survival I really cannot judge God decided the outcome I suffered memory loss But lived I am glad I do not recall the impact. I wore a helmet long before it was Law I guess its My British ridding days .
      Survival is More than simply a helmet but that goes the real distance its your entire Clothing Dressing to Ride with Crash preparedness in mind is not simply for the race day. I’ve watched riders wipe out at over 100 mph and pick up the bike and kick it because its not ride able. Part of that is testosterone but ALL due to Great GEAR available today. Crashing is inevitable make them safe the Bike can be Fixed. I know just how hard it is to fix a human despite all of my efforts to me safe.

  • Backroad Bob

    You missed, “But the guy in front of me made it through the turn on the same bike”. What the rider didn’t realize is that he doesn’t have the same talent as the rider in front of him.

    • TroySiahaan

      I like this one! Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of this one during my early days or riding.

  • Keefer

    I didn’t see the reflection of the streetlights off the road (because a light drizzle had just gone through) until it was too late to do much about it…

    True story

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Anyone mention the guy who went down on a watermelon?

    • Dangeruss

      Yeah, it shot its seed in his eye.

  • Sherrif Tate

    ““I wouldn’t have crashed, but my coworker slid across the pavement right into me.””

    youtube, johnny5

  • nine11c2

    I ride a Softail deuce and I’m a very quick rider. I’ve been told I make it ride like a sport bike. I’ve had riders come from the back of the pack and use the excuse “I ride a Halrey Softail and its not made to do that – thats why I can’t keep up with you”. I just look at them and smile..

  • Fast Bill

    Funny how no one ever just admits the truth, “I screwed up”!

  • No excuse, but I did have a get-off caused by a tire. Specifically, a tire I drug out from under my workbench and slapped on the front of my bike, without stopping to consider just how long that tire had been gathering dust under there. Cold December morning, I spun around the neighborhood a few times to warm the tires and shakedown the bike, and then hit the road. A quarter-mile later, attempting to loop under the Interstate, I literally hit the road. That tire was so old it was rock-hard. I could have spent an hour riding warm-up laps, and it STILL wouldn’t have been soft enough to grip that well-worn, baby-smooth asphalt!

    My fault, entirely. I wasn’t paying attention, got careless, and hurt myself and my bike as a result. And this after 30+ years of riding!

    Never too old to be stupid, and never too old to learn.