2. Rookie White Quads A 250-Footer


His name is Rookie White, he’s 16 years old, and he eats triples for lunch. In fact, in this clip we see White conquer a quad (that’s 250 feet!) for the first time. How’d he do it? “I held it in fifth [gear] wide [open] on my 450 … and ended up making it,” he says. Since then, White’s tackled other big jumps, making a name for himself along the way. Are we looking at the sport’s next big star?

  • Alexander Pityuk

    None of what i’ve seen is possible, please stop posting fake videos…
    P.S. And u-turn is indeed hard. Wait, what are you laughing at?

  • JMDonald

    I popped a wheelie coming out of a curve once.

  • beus

    what a bunch of crap
    Where are the 1000 foot endos
    and wheelie combos
    this stuff is not very hard to do
    lettuce be cereal

  • Shahin Alvandi

    I can’t walk this well!

  • Tim Kern

    Sure, I’ve done all that stuff. On a Grom. Just never had a camera crew, that’s all.
    No; I do that kind of stuff just once. After that, it’s it’s too boring. Gotta catch me when I do something new. Sorry.
    Then I woke up.