10. Gone but far from Forgotten


Cindy Rutherford was a larger-than-life woman who practically lived in the shop at 1640 South Pacific. She still sort of does; her ashes are in this tank. And her dad’s are in the black one next to it.

  • Starmag

    Nice color piece about a shop loaded with character and characters, I’m sure. The 11th great thing about this place is the sign on top of the building at night.

  • Kenneth

    Suddenly, I’m reminded of the long-gone KPFK radio program, Center Stand, on Saturday mornings, often talking to Cindy Rutherford on the phone. ‘Used to love tuning in to that motorcycle-talk program when I lived in SoCal.

  • That was so cool! I want that Von Dutch pocket knife so bad, I’d stab JB for it.

  • I’d like to make a plug for a motorcycle shop that’s been owned and operated by the same family (though they’ve moved many times) for 103 years. Dudley Perkins is now in South San Francisco but was in San Francisco for 90 years. the new showroom is set up as a history museum and is less than a mile from SFO–worth a visit if you’re in town, even if it’s just a stop-over! dpchd.com

  • JMDonald

    I lived in SoCal for twenty eight years and never knew about this place. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it.

  • ADB

    John Burns, you just made my day. Excellent.