3. Honda Integra NC750D

100214-top-10-bikes-not-in-usa-03-Honda Integra

Yes, folks, there’s not one, but two scooters on this list! The Honda Integra NC750D (not to be confused with the Acura Integra car, also from Honda, which I once actually owned) just might be the perfect commuting two-wheeler for me. Using a 745cc version of the 670cc parallel-Twin seen in the NC700X and CTX700 we get Stateside, the bigger engine means more power, and who doesn’t love that? I’m a fan of Honda’s Dual Clutch Technology, and having such an option on a scooter – this scooter – really appeals to me. Then of course you have the storage compartment scooters are known for, plus the impressive gas mileage these engines routinely return. It’s likely the bigger displacement will mean a slightly worse mpg figure, but I’m not worried about it. Lastly, look at that picture above. Isn’t that an awesome graphics package?!

  • JMDonald

    I for one would like to know the OEM logic when it comes to model offering in the states. Triumph Tiger Sport is not offered here. WTFO?

    • DickRuble

      I second that. It looks like a great balance of performance and comfort.

    • Robs

      Saw it on a showroom floor when visiting Paris last year. This thing would sell like hot caked here!! Considering how fast Yamaha is selling (MT)Fz-09s, this would be a no brainer!! And be top of my buy list.

  • Reid

    The Z800 looks good and all but it’s way too heavy at north of 500 pounds wet. That’s heavier than the 1000, isn’t it?

    • Bogdan Stavrev

      Yes but that doesn’t make it a bad bike

    • Leonard Janetta Mikerichie

      I actually own one and I enjoyed every moment aboard this so called “FAT BIKE”.

  • gar

    Great bike but some of us would pass on it like we do on the 700 because of the driveline from the 1800’s. Come on, a chain in the 21st century. Get real. That’s for dirt bikes and those that would rather work on their bike every 500 miles rather than ride.

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      Spraying some lube on a chain is “working on your bike”? I also fill the gas tank on my own. I guess that makes me a master technician.

      • gar

        If all you do is spray some lube on you best be a master technician.

    • Robs

      Shaft drive may be fine for a tourer (I have a FJR1300), but it is heavy. For anything short of a ST bike, gimme a chain!!

    • Leonard

      I’ll take chain over shaft anytime.. 🙂

  • Rock River Jeff

    No mention of the Yamaha MT-01? That’s one I drool over every time I hear about it, especially since the Buell plant was shut down.

    • denchung

      Unfortunately, that’s no longer in Yamaha’s lineup in Europe either.

      • Reid

        I wish we got the MT-03 over here in the ‘States too.

  • fastfreddie

    It’s payback for the monstrosity we over here in europe got called the NTV 650 revere!It was a humongous clusterf*#¤% we have yet to forgive Honda,and you are guilty by assosiation;)

    Rant off/ Seems there aren’t many too specials not coming your way,are there…

  • Good wish-list. I’ll take the Benelli, please.

  • Roger Watson

    WOW I’m shocked you guys don’t get the z800, I’ve ridden one a number of times and it’s a brilliant bike. Don’t concern yourself with the weight you absolutely do not feel it when riding and like he said it’s the better bike over the z1000

  • toni796

    you don’t need benelli, its italian brand owned by chinese and they don’t work
    ever you cna find them super cheap used all of them in great condition since they are never ridden and spent most of the time at service

  • rudedog4

    I realize that this was article was published a few weeks ago, but we are going to get the Yamaha R3 in the US.

    • TroySiahaan

      Yep, this was written and published before the R3 announcement was made, so it was still correct at the time. Heck, it’s still correct now, since the bike I mention is the R25, not the R3. 🙂

      • rudedog4

        Not trying to say it’s wrong or anything, I’m just glad Yamaha is adding to the small displacement market in the US. I still have to wonder if Suzuki has anything in the works to compete in that market segment (or, for that matter, to replace the Gladius with something that will compete with the FZ-07). Keep up the good work!

        • Robs

          Rumors say a GSX-R300 or 350 is in the works…

  • John Morley

    How come you forgot the actual best bike you don’t get in the States – Honda VFR1200X/XD Crosstourer???

  • RandomGRK

    I want the Yamaha JXR 1300. Such a sexy bike

  • Andrew Capone

    I’d add Anything by Moto Morini to the list. Stonking V-twin, Italian genes, good looks, and the company is not even in receivership anymore! I’ll take a Corsaro in red.

  • Robs

    Dig that XJR1300! As an “old” guy myself, my concept of a Superbike is a big wiggly Kawasaki or Honda ridden by Lawson or Spencer through the Corkscrew in 1980. My track bike is a 2001 Bandit 1200 with number plates =) Would love to throw my leg over this big beast!!!

  • dpmanthei

    I remember how bummed I was after drooling over press shots of the W800 for several days before I learned it wasn’t available in the US. I really like it’s looks and simplicity.

  • GuyLaFarge

    They tried TWICE to sell these here. Obviously, a Japanese-made faux Brit Bike is NOT what the American riding public is clamoring for. You want a “modern” iteration of an old Brit bike, there’s always the Indian-made Royal Enfield. I wish one of the Big 4 would buy the rights to AJS/Matchless and make GENUINE “thumpers” in the U.K.