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Top 10 Cheapest Street-Legal Motorcycles Of 2017

It’s been almost three years to the day since we posted the 10 cheapest bikes of 2014, and, my, has the landscape changed since then. So much so that we thought it necessary to update the list for 2017. Generally speaking, cheap bikes have gone small. Partially due to the uptick in 125cc playbikes sparked by the Honda Grom, but also due to the proliferation of Chinese motorcycles all powered by little engines. Those two clues should give you an idea of the kind of bikes you’ll see in the coming pages.

For this list, just as we did three years ago, we decided to keep things relatively simple and stick with street-legal motorcycles. Also included is the country of origin. Other things of note: Only Kawasaki is represented among the major Japanese manufacturers, as the mighty Honda Grom at $3,299 would have qualified at the number 11 slot. And unlike three years ago, where a loose limit of $4000 covered all the bikes, now just $3200 is needed to purchase any bike on this list – with change to spare! So which bikes are they? Listed from most expensive to least, here’s our list of the cheapest street-legal motorcycles. . .

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