1. Qlink XP200/XF200: $2650


We return to China and Qlink motorcycles for our least expensive bikes of 2014. At only $2650, the dual-purpose inspired XP200 and supermoto-ish XF200 (shown above) are powered by 199cc air-cooled Singles, claimed to put out 15 horses. Some attentive eyes out there might even notice the XP200 does a commendable job imitating the Suzuki DR200SE, even down to the bore and stroke of the engine. Whatever Suzuki technology Qlink might be reverse engineering is a topic for another time. What we do know is former staffer Pete Brissette was pleasantly surprised during his time on the XF200. At that price, maybe you will be too.

  • Gene Koons

    like to connect with other Suzuki burgman 400 owners.

  • I’m in Mexico part-time with low-bandwidth and it’s a very slow and painful process to load each page of this article though I would very much like to see its content. If possible could you provide a 1 pager for the entire thing? That way I can read and recommend to my readers. Thanks, Carla

    • Erle Greer

      Carla, the reason pages like this are broken up into 11 parts instead of one page, is so that you see 11 advertisements instead of just one. It is highly unlikely that they are going to make it one page.

    • Brandon Schmeidler

      I know it’s unlikely that you’ll see this as it’s been 3 years since you posted it, but if you don’t already know about it, I highly recommend getting an ad blocker. They’re great for greedy ad-filled sites

  • Jack Koo

    Dodge Tomahawk is the best:


  • Ricardo C. da Rocha Lima

    Regarding the Qlink XF200 I would like to turn public to Motorcycle Forum readers my own experience for the past six years with this bike (a.k.a. in Brazil as Sundown STX Motard): http://www.caldas.com.br/30anos/motard_engl.htm . My usage of this bike is detailed in every aspect along 13 pages in my website. I have been travelling extensively with my bike all over Brazil. It is a pleasure to share my experience with fellow riders.

  • ron17571

    There should have been more smaller bikes.

  • Sam

    Why no KTM Duke 125, Duke 200, or even the cult hit (Indonesia, India, Spain) Pulsar 200NS.

    • denchung

      This list only looks at motorcycles currently available in the U.S.

  • Fakir Smith

    Sad so many are Chinese bikes. Of these only the Hondas would I consider, the Grom being the right price. What a shame.

    • digginya

      Did you know “Honda” makes the components that most cars use? I learned
      in 1990 the Honda had a “Market Hold” on everything from engines & most the
      Drive Parts under our cars. I had bought stocks back then & Honda was one of a few Stocks I made a great amount on. Spent it foolishly too…lol, I also had a
      Honda 360 in 1989(17k on her) and I drove the hell out of it then I did a “Deep
      Study of the Undergrowth” on side of the road…lmao, The thorns made the
      Helmet Shield where one could not see thru it. No broke bones and I sold her
      for $200 more than I paid. Once the US bailed Harley out, they became good
      bikes(I mean they had less problems) but if you research it & Honda is beating
      the others, I’m buying what will cost LESS to maintain as I’m no mechanic!!
      Honda’s were “Japanese” owned unless they got bought out by China??
      Peace & I know what you mean. I’m looking for a Small on/off road now!
      price is my biggest issue now that I can’t work!! hope ya find a good one!!

  • саша кропивницкий

    it is a bad top!!!!!! some people might be forgot what word “cheap” mean:

    • digginya

      True that, my brother. What they really mean & I know as I’m in that category as well; They want all they can get for the lowest price!! Me, I know there’s a
      place where both Quality & Value Meet!! I’m looking for that “Sweet spot” & it
      may mean I have to downsize a model But if one cares for quality they save up
      to get just what they want OR like me, take a smaller one of Quality, be happy
      you got something that holds value unlike the cheap shit being sold for low $$!
      peace to you

  • bettie fox

    i think i will buy a Vespa after all !

  • Timu noke

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