Top 10 Cheapest Street-Legal Motorcycles of 2014

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3. Honda Grom: $3199


Get ready for a wildcard! The Honda Grom looks like a motorcycle (albeit a tiny one), smells like a motorcycle, and works like a motorcycle, so we’re calling it one and including it. It’s street-legal, too, so technically it rightly deserves its spot on this list. With a 124cc engine you can’t take it on the freeway, but you sure as hell can terrorize the city streets, go-kart track, or local skate park! Honda can’t seem to keep enough of these things in dealerships and we know why: they’re really cheap and an absolute blast.

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  • Gene Koons

    like to connect with other Suzuki burgman 400 owners.

  • Carla King

    I’m in Mexico part-time with low-bandwidth and it’s a very slow and painful process to load each page of this article though I would very much like to see its content. If possible could you provide a 1 pager for the entire thing? That way I can read and recommend to my readers. Thanks, Carla

  • Jack Koo

    Dodge Tomahawk is the best:

  • Ricardo C. da Rocha Lima

    Regarding the Qlink XF200 I would like to turn public to Motorcycle Forum readers my own experience for the past six years with this bike (a.k.a. in Brazil as Sundown STX Motard): . My usage of this bike is detailed in every aspect along 13 pages in my website. I have been travelling extensively with my bike all over Brazil. It is a pleasure to share my experience with fellow riders.

  • ron17571

    There should have been more smaller bikes.

  • Sam

    Why no KTM Duke 125, Duke 200, or even the cult hit (Indonesia, India, Spain) Pulsar 200NS.

    • denchung

      This list only looks at motorcycles currently available in the U.S.

  • Fakir Smith

    Sad so many are Chinese bikes. Of these only the Hondas would I consider, the Grom being the right price. What a shame.

  • саша кропивницкий

    it is a bad top!!!!!! some people might be forgot what word “cheap” mean:


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