Now that AIMExpo 2017 is complete, we’ve compiled our choices for the coolest stuff we saw while perusing the show. While the number of new 2018 model-year motorcycles was limited because of the show’s early date, that didn’t prevent the show from reflecting a vital motorcycle industry. So, as we reflect on last week’s show, here’s a list – in no particular order – of the top 10 products that we saw at the 2017 AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio.

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Kids love balance bikes. They’re easy to ride and inspire confidence. Now, add in an electric motor, and you’ve got the perfect vehicle for teaching a child about motorcycles in a safe manner. It’s a stability bike that is also an electric motorcycle. The first time we saw the child rider in the demo area, we lamented the fact that this hadn’t been available when we were kids.

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J.W. Speaker has announced its Adaptive Series headlights which utilizes a sensor that calculates lean angles in real-time to determine which LEDs to light for optimal headlight beam pattern when cornering. So, rather than having a dark hole in the headlight beam ahead in the rider’s path of travel, the adaptive headlight selectively turns on LEDs to fill the dark space in a traditional headlight beam for increased rider visibility. The J.W. Speaker Adaptive Series headlights are available in 7-inch and 5.75-inch round sizes.

The Yamaha FZ-07 won’s Best Value Motorcycle award for three years running (2014, 2015, and 2016). Now, imagine that platform with a more relaxed riding position and retro-inspired styling. The Yamaha XSR700 does just that. Customizers will like that the tank covers are easily easily removable for painting while the rear sub-frame unbolts for customization. This bike has been available since 2016 in Europe, and we’re looking forward to throwing a leg over this new-to-the-U.S. retro roadster. Look for it in dealerships in October.

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Twisted Throttle’s DrySpec Hard Bags offer an interesting variation on hard luggage. The bags mount via a clever A-frame adapter that allows for the use of luggage brackets from several different manufacturers, broadening the bags’ utility. Because of the clever mounting system, the same bag can be used both as a saddlebag and alone as a tail bag mounted to a rack, delivering more function. The 35-liter bags themselves are water-tight, made from impact-resistant plastic, and feature TSA-approved locks for easy air travel. Expect the DrySpec Hard Bags to be available early next year.

The Yamaha XMax has been available in Europe for a few years now, with the manufacturer offering 125, 250, 300 and 400cc versions. The XMax 300 introduced overseas last year is the newest version of the engine size and will make it to the United States market as a 2018 model. The engine is a fuel-injected 292cc liquid-cooled SOHC Single. Yamaha claims the XMax gets 75 mpg which would result in a 255-mile range on a tank of gas. Look for to test one as soon as we can get our greedy hands on one.

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Who knew that motorcycle instrumentation could be fun – or part of the social media scene? Well, Kymco’s Noodoe display system does just that. With a link between a smartphone and Noodoe, riders can customize their display screens and, when at a stop, receive notifications about missed calls and texts. To make the Noodoe social, riders can upload their custom-created instrument faces to an Instagram-like cloud service to be shared with Noodoe users worldwide. Other tools include a smart compass that can show the nearest gas stations and the direction and distance to destinations. Noodoe makes its debut on Kymco scooters in 2018.

Suzuki wants feedback on whether to bring the V-Strom 250 into the U.S. market in 2018. Would Americans be interested in an adventure-styled motorcycle that is powered by a 248cc parallel-Twin? We’re sure curious to find out. If you ask us, we think that the V-Strom 250’s appearance at the AIMExpo means that there is a really good chance that the bike will be here within a year. We’re already looking forward to the lightweight adventure-bike shootout.

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Sena is addressing the biggest limitation affecting Bluetooth communication systems with the new Sena 30K. Using Mesh Intercom technology, Sena claims the 30K allows for an unlimited number of riders within a mile radius to connect to a conversation. When riders come in and out of range, they purportedly will seamlessly connect without disturbing the other members. A separate private mode allows up to 16 riders to participate in a discussion. Riders without Sena’s mesh system can link up via Bluetooth 4.1 to another rider’s 30K and join in, too. Aside from the benefits of mesh communication, the 30K also includes all the Bluetooth links to smartphones that previous Sena products have enjoyed. The Sena 30K will be available in early 2018.

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After a three-year absence, the Kawasaki KLX250 dual-sport returns for 2018. The big change that took place during the hiatus is the KLX is now equipped with fuel injection. The 10-hole injector is claimed to give the KLX’s 249cc engine easier starting, smoother idling, and improved performance – all while consuming less fuel. Other than the engine modifications, the KLX remains the same pleasant dual-purpose motorcycle and will be available in early October, priced at $5,349 for the lime green color or $5,549 for the special Camo edition.

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The BMW C Evolution Scooter originally debuted in 2012, and now the e-scooter is finally available stateside. Dealerships in California are currently selling it as a 2018 model with an MSRP of $13,750 with the rest of the country following suit in the next few months. The C Evolution has a claimed range of 99 miles. BMW claims charge times are 9 hours with a 110V A/C outlet and 3.5 hrs with a 220V A/C plug. Soon you could be seeing what BMW calls the world’s first “Medium Range Electric Maxi Scooter” on the streets of your town.

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