Sena is addressing the biggest limitation affecting Bluetooth communication systems with the new Sena 30K. Using Mesh Intercom technology, Sena claims the 30K allows for an unlimited number of riders within a mile radius to connect to a conversation. When riders come in and out of range, they purportedly will seamlessly connect without disturbing the other members. A separate private mode allows up to 16 riders to participate in a discussion. Riders without Sena’s mesh system can link up via Bluetooth 4.1 to another rider’s 30K and join in, too. Aside from the benefits of mesh communication, the 30K also includes all the Bluetooth links to smartphones that previous Sena products have enjoyed. The Sena 30K will be available in early 2018.

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  • Junker

    Wow, check out the hipster.

    “It’s not yellow green; it’s chartreuse, you ruffian!”

  • Jim

    Those hard bags are nice! Also, since I have a two-year old, the balance bike looks attractive, but at her age, I think I’d rather see pedals. Kids need a way to burn energy these days!

  • Larry Kahn

    RE: KLX 250. Camo is SUCH a good idea for a little narrow street bike. How cool they’ll never see you coming…

    • Campisi

      What KLX 250?

      • Larry Kahn

        Pic #10.

        • Larry Kahn

          Ah, I just got that…

  • DaveA

    Where is the Top 10 Reasons Slide Shows Permanently Lose Me As A Customer slide show?

    Click bait doesn’t suck less just because there’s moto content.

  • QuestionMark666

    BMW dealers are dreading the $13000 electric scooter because most dealers are forced to lose money on the current scooter. The electric scooter will sit around for a year or more costing flooring until you finally sell it under invoice just to get rid of it.

    • Buzz

      At least the current scooter is practical.

      I test rode one a while back and it was easily the best handling scooter I have ever ridden.

      They are plenty of cream puffs on the used market.

      You’re right, this electric job will be a floor anchor at that price.

  • SRMark

    Pretty slow expo.

  • Old MOron

    Hey! Can that Kymco Noodoe put pron on my dashboard, really?

    • Ozzy Mick

      “pron”, OldMO? Was that a deliberate typo?

      • Old MOron

        Yes, Mick. All the cool kids write “pron” over here. Some even write “pr0n” but I’m not that cool.

  • Mahatma

    Is there a speedo which connects via BT to a mobile phone where you can use the display as a GPS screen?Would be neat

  • ChiefPockets

    Is that JW Speaker headlight actually new? I thought I saw something a lot like that on their website early this past summer.

  • Kurt Beyer

    Twisted Throttle DrySpec Hard Bags are among the 10 BEST products?!? How?? They’re just Pelican cases with a new mounting plate. Is the Expo so lame that a simple rebranded Pelican case is among the “10 Best Products”??

    • therr850

      They might be Pelican cases but I currently have Givi mostly round cases with the front bottom corner pointed towards the ground. Everything inside slides to that point and when I open the case half the contents end up on the gound. Why would anyone design a case mount that the bottom isn’t parallel with the ground??

      • Kurt Beyer

        Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Pelican cases are bad. In fact, lots of people have been using them years. And that is my point. This Expo was supposedly for new products. And these Pelican cases make the TOP 10 BEST. There’s nothing new about them at all — just rebranded to read Twisted Throttle, which, again, in and of itself is perfectly fine. But there is nothing about these cases that make them the BEST of Show. And that’s why I suggested that it might have been a lame show — kind of like when a slow news day will feature some mundane story.

        • therr850

          Please, don’t misunderstand. I was praising the Pelican cases. I’ve also had Krauser bags and the similar bags that came on the original Kawasaki Concours. Why we have to tolerate the bubble shaped bags is a mystery and then they get mounted with one end pointing down so everything inside slides into a heap.