The phone rings constantly, the bell that announces another customer has broken the electronic beam through the open garage door that opens onto Hyde Park Street dings only slightly less frequently. One guy really wants that Sportster with the twin flatslides but first feels the need to lay out his qualifications to Yoshi by listing all the other vehicles he’s ever owned. Another guy needs a part for his CB750. Many cool characters who look vaguely familiar from movies and half-remembered MTV videos saunter in under ironic hats behind cool shades.

Yoshi smiles through it all. If turning what you love into a business has a downside, there’s not much evidence of it here. His wife, whose idea it was originally to move Yoshi’s hobby into bigger headquarters than their suburban garage, flits in and out of the back office, also always with a smile. If you need a thing for your motorcycle, pretty much any motorcycle, Yoshi’s either got it or knows where to get it. And if you need your CBX tuned up or a completely custom bike built, feel free to wander into the huge shop that can also handle that. If you live in SoCal you’re in luck. If you have a little layover at LAX, it’s about a $10 taxi ride to Garage Company, and you can swing by Randy’s Donuts too.

  • fastfreddie

    That R90 chopper was cool-apart from the strange colour scheme,but one can always repaint.

    Why is there three filler caps on that Crocker?One would think one would be enough…

    • john burns

      I seem to recall the oil tank is inside the gas tank.

  • flx48

    R50, or maybe R60, but certainly no R69.

  • TonyCarlos

    Times have changed, and so has inflation. Back in the day I had the big brother to Yoshi’s 250, an RD350. Same exact paint scheme. Didn’t like it much, and eventually sold for the going rate for good used Japanese bikes : $2 per cc.

    • RoadRash

      That’s a 1970 R5 350, not an RD250. 1973 was the only year for RD250. Don’t believe me? Google Image 1970 R5 350 and that bike in the pic comes up

      • john burns

        Yup it is R5. I thought they were same thing, no? I stand corrected.

        • RoadRash

          I also stand corrected myself- there was a 1974 and 1975 RD250!