Liter-class sportbikes may be where all the manufacturers have dumped their resources during the past decade, but we’re glad Yamaha hasn’t forgotten about the venerable YZF-R6 with this long awaited update. Boasting killer looks, more aerodynamic bodywork, R1 suspension, and a full kit of electronics, the new R6 promises to be a light, nimble, and rewarding package we can’t wait to rip around a racetrack.

In contrast to liter-sized sportbikes, the new R6 will be able to be shifted past third gear at most tracks. All while retraining our brains to carry more momentum and corner speed, two skills that will only serve to benefit you on something like an R1. Sometimes (okay, most the time) 200 hp is just a handful to manage, and as literbikes have become more powerful, they’ve become more difficult to exploit around the tight confines of our local tracks. Don’t get us wrong, we like giving it the berries on the big bikes, but flogging a 600 like the R6 for all it’s worth is arguably more rewarding.

  • john phyyt

    If the ICE motorcycle is coming to an end. If ,in fact , all motorcycles are forced to only be track queens because of maximum safety self driving transport. This is equivalent to The cambrian explosion. Before extinction.
    Just so many great , no ., really fantastic, bikes ..

    I hope someone comes up with a way of trading bikes , with like minded enthusiasts. I can only justify one bike. But i would dearly like to live with others to get to know them. Sort of tinder .. kinda … thing for motorcycle tragics.

    • DickRuble

      A motorcycle sharing club… could happen.. with 20 or 30 members, one dedicated mechanic/maintenance person… 10-12 bikes.. membership fees would be about the cost of installments and maintenance for one bike.. and you wouldn’t have to worry about storage, changing the oil or anything like that..

  • allworld

    All nice bikes, but for me the 2017 Triumph Street Triple is the most anticipated new bike.

  • spiff

    I’m not really digging this list. I would have choosen different.

    • spiff

      So I am checking myself. 1,2,4,5,6 bring minimal interest. Do we get the 800cc street triple this year?

      • Kevin Duke

        Yep, but it won’t be revealed for another week.

  • kenneth_moore

    The list is good, and I learned a few new things about what’s ahead. But I’m curious about the seeming news blackout on the Multistrada 950. I just happened to see it on the Ducati website while browsing. 113 hp, well under 500 lbs., and from the photos it looks terrific (real life maybe not).

    Usually a new Duc model is preceeded by numerous articles, but I have yet to see one on the usual sites. The dealer says they’ll be arriving next month (January), and the price out the door will be $15,200. So, MO, what do you know?

    • Kevin Duke

      Good question! Ducati’s North American arm is under the impression that just 10% of motorcycle riders read about motorcycles on motorcycle-specific publications, so there have been a couple of Duc launches in which it has chosen to invite non-endemic media instead of publications like MO which has been supporting the moto industry with more than two decades of coverage. It’s been more than a little frustrating – especially because we love Ducatis!

      • kenneth_moore

        It makes some sense that Ducati would like to reach new customers by marketing through non-motocentric media, but doing it exclusively makes no sense at all. I bought my last three bikes (’07, ’13, & ’15) based on what I read here and on other m/c sites. Duc may add a customer here and there with that strategy, but MO readers are the type who buy a new bike every few years, along with a lot of accessories.

        I hope they’ll at least give y’all one to test.

      • Old MOron

        This is almost unbelievable. Did Ducati NA say where they got their data or how they arrived at their 10% estimate?

        Did they really say “10% of motorcycle riders,” as in existing riders?
        Did they mean 10% of potential buyers?
        What the &*#! are they talking about?

        • Kevin Duke

          They referred to existing riders. I guess it assumes it can make significant conquest sales via car, style and outdoor types of publications. I’m skeptical of that assumption.

          • Old MOron

            Only 10% of existing riders pay attention to moto publications? Unbelievable. I wonder if they mean 10% of all riders, or 10% of Ducati riders. If it’s the latter, what the hell is wrong with the Ducatisti?

            And even if they want to make conquest sales via lifestyle publications, why shun the moto press? Just doesn’t make sense.

            I have a feeling this is part of some marketing fad. Just like different business models come into vogue, the same must happen for marketing strategies. Hold on, let me look something up…

            Hmm, says here that Jason Chinnock took over as CEO of Ducati NA just over a year ago. And it also says that he worked at Automobili Lamborghini America since 2013 as Marketing General Manager. Hmm, maybe we can see where this, ahem, fresh perspective is coming from.

          • Kevin Duke

            And, FWIW, Lambo is typically reluctant to participate in comparison tests, as it never wants to be known as a company that can finish in 2nd place.

            I hope you’re right in this being a fad, as it chafes my hide to have spent two decades of my career being devoted to motorcycles and yet miss out on a ride of a new bike to someone who barely rides or simply has lots of Twitter followers.

          • Old MOron

            Twitter twats? No problem.
            Just change your name from Kevin to Kevdashian.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        I bought my 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R based on the reviews on MO and other online motorcycle magazines and have purchased a lot of other gear on the same basis. My next couple of bikes will be based on the same source of information. I get 100% of my motorcycle news on motorcycle specific sites. What other sites are there? Robb Report? Forbes? Esquire? Do they even know how to ride a bike?

  • HazardtoMyself

    I am really interested to see how the CRF 250 Rally performs. I have regretted selling my CRF 250X since the day it left the garage. Was tired of having to haul it out to the trial though and wasn’t getting enough use. These small ones just seem to be the way to go. Not a primary bike, but something that I can ride to the trial or just to haul around town, back roads and fields.

  • Old MOron

    I’m really anticipating Husky’s Pilens. I can’t wait to read MOronic reviews and comparos of these bikes.

  • mugwump

    You forgot all the street legal 450 supermotos and street trackers, oh wait, never mind.

  • ryde4ever

    Is it just me or does it seem like Suzuki has decided to corner the market on the ugliest exhaust pipes ever?

    • Fat Owens Fat

      its called Euro 4. Lookitup

      • ryde4ever

        I know all about the Euro 4 emissions crap, but I think Suzuki is working harder at making obnoxious warts on their bikes. I like a lot of Suzuki’s bikes but not the pipes. The new SV650 is another example. Great bike but that exhaust, yuck. Other manufacturers are working a little harder on making the Euro 4 emissions not so obvious. Some of the new Triumph models hide the emissions very well. The new Bobber is a good example. But I guess the ugly exhaust doesn’t matter to a lot of people since that is usually the first upgrade that takes place.

        • Fat Owens Fat

          You should google Japan spec exhaust for 2015 R1 and 2015 Panigale. Suzuki and other manufacturers now have a one-size fits all exhaust from this year onwards. Japanese emission standards are twice as stringent as the Euro 4 which requires manufacturers to extend their exhaust cans from its stock size.

  • Alex

    the most anticipated bike definitely is the new street triple, can’t wait to see the revealing

  • Auphliam

    Is that little Honda Rally wearing goggles?

  • SteverinoB

    👍👍👍 On the Mini Adventure Quartet observation. Looking forward to a comparo around the bend. I like to venture off highway and my rides have been getting smaller as I age. Easier to ride, purchase, insure, fuel, ride slow see to more and finally … pick up if required?

  • Jamo11

    I can’t say that I’m anxiously awaiting many of those. The BWW Rnine Race is good looking, but I doubt the seat is rideable. I thought the new Ninja 650 looked right. And the Yamaha 1000 whatever. Suzuki’s Bandit 1250 still looks good too.

  • Douglas

    Well, I’m interested in at least one on the list, which tells me I’ve finally become a mature rider……