2. Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R


It shouldn’t be a surprise the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R are on this list. Though we understand if you’re a little stunned not to see the supercharged pair in the number-one spot. With 300 hp on tap from the non-street-legal H2R, and perhaps 100 hp less from the road-legal H2, both bikes will deliver an experience of acceleration unlike anything ever delivered from a major OEM. All of us are waiting in anticipation, hopeful for the chance to turn on the launch control, peg the rev limiter and dump the clutch – unsure as to whether our arms and necks are strong enough to counter the force of acceleration.

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The beauty of the H2 and H2R is that they aren’t just one-trick (acceleration) ponies. Sporty steering geometry, up-spec KYB suspension and a trellis chassis (a first for Kawi) will give the rider the confidence to peg a knee on the ground, while the all-important traction control means your chances of getting a bird’s-eye view of the bike if you get too greedy with the power are greatly reduced. The Kawi’s glaring downside is its 525-pound claimed wet weight, which might make stringing together multiple laps at speed a test of both mental and physical endurance. Nonetheless, the might and expertise of Kawasaki Heavy Industries is proudly on display in this technological tour de force, and pricing for the pair reflects it: $50,000 for the H2R and half that for the H2.

  • ducatirdr

    Scrambler… Scrambler… ???

    • TroySiahaan

      We didn’t include 2015 models we’ve already ridden, the Scrambler being one of them. Says so right there in the second paragraph.

    • Kyle Smith

      Bare in mind the KTM SX350 puts out more power, they’d have to tune a few more ponies out of this engine to make it worthwhile considering the weight of it.

  • Kosta Chachanidze

    not that it was anmounced but still, not at all anticipating hondas “new africa twin?”

    • denchung

      That will assuredly be a 2016 model, not a 2015.

  • fastfreddie

    What about catering to us extremely rich busdrivers?Hello?!Where is hondas rcv213v in this list.All I see is rather plain motorcycles here…

  • panthalassa

    rideadvice says $15,998 for the base turismo veloce.
    good lookin’ bike, but it better really handle well, ’cause $5000+ sure will buy a lot of tires for the fj-09.

    • gg

      I just found this article, but to compare a Yamaha to a MV Agusta is like comparing a Ford to a Ferrari.

  • johnny mars

    These hyper bikes leave me cold and cranky from their painful riding positions and extreme pricing. Just gimme a comfortable, versatile, and economical sporty ride like the FJ-09, V-Strom 650, Tiger 800 X, or Kawasaki Versys 650 – 90% of the fun for half the cost. I’ll see you in Pantagonia.

  • Steve

    The Vulcan S – Something new? Seriously? This has been done countless times.

    • Zandit75

      With a parallel twin?

  • Amir

    Very exciting category, evolving rapidly with many new models. Would be interesting to compare the “first class” bikes of the category, s1000xr / Multistrada / Ktm1190, with the more “value for money” bikes Versys / Fj-09 / Vstrom / Caponord. For one I’d love to know can a 160 hp really be put to use on a tour/adventure chassis ?!?