4. H-D Street 500/750

Harley-Davidson Revolution X

What is it?
Harley-Davidson has ended its 13-year hiatus from producing an all-new motorcycle platform in a big way with the announcement of its Street 500 and Street 750 line. Using new liquid-cooled 60° Revolution X V-Twin engines, the H-D Street motorcycles are aimed at younger urban riders. Read our EICMA coverage about the Street 500/750 to learn about how the new platform carries both the Harley lineage (in Dark Custom clothes) across the globe and into a more performance-oriented market while keeping the price below that of the least expensive Sportster. The Street 500 retails for just $6,699, while the 750cc version is priced at $7,499.

Why are we excited to ride it?
These bikes show that Harley-Davidson isn’t content to sit back and cater to just its greying core market. The Motor Company has stepped up to embrace both the future of motorcycling (stricter emissions regulations and world markets) and the features necessary to attract a younger crowd, whose values are slightly different from the bar-and-shield traditionalists. The result of consulting with riders worldwide is a bike line with improved performance and handling yet an achievable entry point into the Harley clan. Don’t forget the importance of spreading the formidable American brand into overseas markets that are not as open to Harley’s Big Twin motorcycles. Editor-in-Chief Duke puts it all in perspective in his EICMA video notes about the Street line. The Street 500 and 750 point the way to Harley’s future, and we can’t wait to see what else that holds.