1. CSC TT250


For a limited time, if you put a $1,000 deposit on CSC’s new TT250, you can purchase the bike for $1,895 – a brand new 250cc motorcycle for under $2k! When the special event ends, the retail price for the TT250 will be $2,495, which remains an incredibly good deal by any new-bike standards. We tested CSC’s RX3 Cyclone about a year ago and came away impressed with its performance and craftsmanship. The new TT model looks to match the RX3 in those categories but in a package reminiscent of a Honda CRF250L ($4,995).

2016 CSC TT250 Announced, With $1895 Introductory Price

TT250 models should be available by March. We’ve already requested a test unit and will be bringing you a full review, as well as shootout against its competition, in the near future. For more information or to order, visit cscmotorcycles.com or call (909) 445-0900.

  • JerryMander

    I bet mo could browbeat Yamaha into bringing the MT-10 to the states for a mid year launch.

  • Ducati Kid

    My contrarian view –

    Wager the BMW-TVS G310R shall prove a ‘premium’ entry into motorcycling.


    Already asked HONDA for a CB350F motorcycle (CB300F base) with larger motivator and Global market improvements.

    BMW’S design, while interesting, denotes a Beemer with associated pricing.

    Expected the G310R to U.S. retail for NORTH of $5,000!

    An INDIA sourced BMW is not a THAILAND HONDA – all about C.O.O. ‘perception’

    Time shall soon tell this tale!

  • Mahatma

    Guess that Honda bulldog won’t come out this year then:(

  • DickRuble

    Thinking outside the box, aren’t we, mixing CSC with the likes of SV650 and FZ-09, Well, then, at $432.13, the winner is


    • Steve Georgia

      I had a dream about going to jcpenneys and getting our golden pinto minibike…3.5 hp of tecumseh power, especially when you take off the governor!

  • Reid

    If there is an eventual XSR900 “sport” model with some good adjustable suspension, I would have to strongly consider it. As-is, savvy riders will have to shell out another couple grand to get a bike that will really handle. I finally got a chance to ride the FZ09 and, while the power of the triple is nice, the bounciness and wallowing behavior through corners when pushed was disconcerting. I was THIS CLOSE to selling my Duke for the FZ, but I think I’ll pass until I see some changes made.

    • Kevin P

      While I agree the OEM suspension is crap on the FZ-09, there is a solution for under $1500. I have a 2016 FZ-09 and I sent my forks to “Forks by Matt” in VA for a full revalve, Andreanni kit and a few extra goodies he tweaks; plus I ordered an Ohlins rear shock through him. Matt is involved in the FZ-09 threads and he owns one. He can be found at http://www.forks-by-matt.com The total damage was just under $1500 and the bike handles incredibly with zero harshness. I shipped using a $20 rifle from Walmart, case zip tied shut.

      The Ohlins I got is not a 3-way but it is still pretty awesome. Considering I only paid $7400 plus tax for my brand new FZ-09 last January I’m very happy. The engine needed zero changes. The fueling on the 2016+ is smooth even in A mode.

  • bigus brainus

    The CSC RX3 and TT250 do not share the same engine.

  • mjh937

    I am not sure you can include bikes with no known MSRP in an affordable model roundup.

  • krishan adhikari

    too much choice stateside and the prices are very economical. I guess all the bikes have their merit. so choose wisely

  • Jeremy Cottam

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that street twin is for me!

  • Jamo11

    Is the SV650 a sure thing for summer in the United States?

    • It’s definitely coming stateside, exactly when hasn’t been announced.

  • joanna holmes

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  • William McGraw

    I am liking the fact that all the other companies are trying to compete against the ninja 300, kawi figured it out in 2012 and now has quite a following AND has brought other companies into the competition era for lower CC bikes that perform as good as the mid to higher CC’s. I am actually going to go look at the BMW when it ever hits the showroom floor…which it probably has since this article is 4 months old. But hey, I had not heard of it yet, so i’ll be headed into an um “big town” to take a look 🙂

  • Bizslink Marcus

    thank you for sharing this, i wish i can get my own models someday.

  • Sometimes it’s worth paying more.

    • Koaboy

      Seldom is it not.

      • That hasn’t been my experience going from Kawasakis to BMW.

  • Martin Buck

    Trustafarian special with that Scrambler 400cc. I didn’t look that good when I was young, nor was I that cool. Instead I just rode my bike and got good at it. Not many pics of the Scrambler crowd actually riding, just transport to wherever cool stuff was happening. Maybe my aversion to sunburn was the reason I was never cool.

  • this is beautiful though

    • Jeremiah Mckenna


  • QuestionMark666

    I do not believe price is the primary barrier to most Millennials experiencing motorcycling. I think as a group they are risk averse and have no interest in things mechanical or phyiscal. Maybe if Pokemon rode a Suzuki????
    There is little demand for the lower end Ducatis now, they have gone cold. Don’t expect these starter bikes to save a dying industry.

    • Steve Georgia

      The new ducati desert sled is going to start a new industry…

    • Asia

      I disagree entirely. Car companies continue to build boring cars, everything is crash test rated, everything is safe, family-styled, no attitude—no character.

      If anything Millennials are looking for a thrill, but they also have responsibilities, and with their student debt mounting, there is no play money set aside. The only money they’ve earned goes into the family-styled – boring you see everywhere.

      Millennials have an interest in everything, so when the options of cars are in the style they are currently in, they are of course going to choose something different.

      • QuestionMark666

        Student debt is grossly overrated, so are the “responsibilities”. The psychology of safety is what has driven most away.

        • Tim

          I won’t argue with the importance of the psychology of safety, but I will disagree with your take on student debt. It’s a ball and chain around so many people’s necks. Forces discretionary income choices that leave out many things. No one is giving up their phone to put $100 a month toward a motorcycle payment.

  • Dino Sabelli

    Beautiful modern rendition of a UJM

  • Peter c

    Ducati Scramber? A 400cc bike selling for mega bucks that is outperformed by many lower priced and cc bikes has no place on this list.