It’s a pretty specific type who gets on board with the Energica Ego 45. Someone who likes sportbikes, but wants an electric version, and is an early adopter to new technology. Oh, and you need to be wealthy and have a penchant for exotic materials. If that’s you, then the Ego 45 is calling. As far as the numeral goes, the 45 describes the first 45 Egos to roll off the production line, each signified with a plaque mounted on the upper triple clamp. Those bikes are outfitted with electronic upgrades including GPS integration, Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app. Mechanically, the 45 gets Ohlins suspension, OZ forged aluminum wheels, a 20-kW fast charger, carbon fiber bodywork, and a host of 3D-printed components. The price for all this electric bling? A cool $68,000.