Trizzle started it two weeks ago with the Ten Cheapest Motorcycles, so in honor of Donald Trump and MO’s whole more-is-more philosophy, I hereby offer the 15 Most Expensive New Bikes of 2017.

Determining the most expensive motorcycles is slightly more complicated than you might imagine. Many of the priciest machines simply aren’t available at your local dealership for a clearly determined MSRP. And then there’s the completely custom motorcycles you can have built for yourself by boutique shops like NCR and a few other high-end builders, which don’t truly qualify for production-bike status.

While not a boutique shop, OEMs like Aprilia and BMW are also getting in on the high-end sportbike game. BMW, for example, teased us with the all carbon fiber HP4 RACE at EICMA 2016. It’s still in the prototype phase, however, and pricing hasn’t been set.

Meanwhile, Aprilia has gone and introduced the Factory Works program to purchase racebikes based on the RSV4 direct from the factory that conform to rules for various national and international racing organizations worldwide. Packages start with the basic Superstock build at €24,600 (roughly $26,000 USD at current exchange rates) all the way to €160,000 (nearly $170,000) for the RSV4 FW-GP, which boasts more than 250 hp at the crank, pneumatic valves, dry clutch, and a highly sophisticated electronics and data acquisition package. And while the RSV4 is a production bike, the bikes and components used for the Factory Works program are built strictly for racing. Road-legal componentry, along with registration paperwork, are not included or even offered.

To prevent this list from being filled with models from just a couple of manufacturers, we’ve decided to limit it to just the most expensive model from the various OEMs represented here. We’ll start with the cheapest expensive bike.

  • faztang

    Where is Motus? MST MSRP: $30,975, MSTR MSRP $36,975

    • DickRuble

      Motus is in a different top 10; the most expensive joke.

      • TheMarvelous1310

        I could understand if the bike sucked, but the MSTs are almost universally respected as a great bike. Yeah it’s expensive, but every single part is specifically designed for the bike, even the screws and adhesives. Do you complain about the Ronin 47 or the Arch or the Confederate Hellcat? Premium bikes for premium money.

    • Kevin Duke

      Hmm, forgot about that one! An edit is in the works.

  • Starmag

    Just a quick note to Keanu: that Hesketh is a LOT cooler than the feet forward cruiser you and you buddy are making. Everybody and their brother does feet forward V twin customs. Just an opinion.

    From my lowly point of view, Confederate appears to have lost their minds. What do I know though? They’re making it work.

    • TheMarvelous1310

      The Arch was specifically designed to handle just as good if not better with forward controls as it does with mids, that’s the whole point of its existence. Think of it as a more exclusive xDiavel.

      Yes, there are plenty of hardcore riders who prefer cruiser ergos, deal with it.

      • Starmag

        Maybe you missed this-” Just an opinion.” You haven’t changed it. Race bikes are obviously designed specifically for fine handling and ground clearance. There are none with forward controls for a reason.

        • TheMarvelous1310

          I think legendary racer Dan Gurney could dispute that. https://youtu.be/V-huq32c_VQ

          • Starmag

            Sure he can, when he wins his first race on it. Given it’s wobbly performance on a demo lap on a track by itself, you’ll excuse me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Ol’ Dan must not have thought that much of it himself- he put it up for sale in 2014.


  • Jon Jones

    I rather have a fleet of nice used bikes than spend a fortune on one.

  • Douglas

    Not to be nitpicky, but the dealbreaker for me on the Suter is lack of a centerstand and no CD player.

    • DickRuble

      MO staff won’t test it on the account that it lacks cruise control.

      • Douglas

        Well, yeah, that, and self-cnxl turn signals….maybe a small rack, too…..

    • Tinwoods

      A CD player? Is this 1997 or 2017? “Nitpicky” is too kind.

      • Douglas

        Tell ya what, I’ll split the difference with ya…….2007. I still have lotsa CD’s….they still work. In fact, I still have a bunch of cassettes that I’ve made over the yrs (as far back as ’72….the whole original “Switched On Bach” & “The Well-tempered Synthesizer”, before Walter Carlos turned into Wendy) that still sound good….and besides, I wuz bein’ sarcastically cute/ironic. So there.


    40K for a 2 cylinder you really want my answer!!! Nice show bike thats it.

  • frod

    No mention of the Midual Type 1? Limited but still a production run, reported to start at around $185,000…


  • TheMarvelous1310
  • spiff

    Looking at the bottom of the list I think while expensive they are doable. So take the Norton and Ducati. Which would you rather have. I would want the Norton.

  • Sean

    Anyone know if they’re stillmaking Vyrus bikes? http://www.vyrus.it
    I recall those being quite expensive.


    The most expensive motorcycle in the world is the one that is owned but never ridden.

  • JerryMander

    I can get 2 very nice Japanese bikes and a very nice Certified Pre Owned toyota for the price of that Augusta and still have some money left for insurance

  • Allen Nelson

    If I won the lottery today I wouldn’t buy any of them….! Pure and simple however I would buy a MOTUS in a heart beat.. YEA….!!!

  • Gary Taylor

    No Ducati 1299 Superleggera? £73K?

  • Tim

    no Superleggera?