North Dakota may be lacking the world famous rally of its twin to the south, but the state boasts a substantially lower motorcycle fatality rate, as well as “The Longest Running Women Only Motorcycle Gathering in North America,” The 30th Annual North Dakota Ladies Run taking place July 14-15. Confusingly, the rally is being held in Minnesota, which has a motorcycle fatality rate of 60. If I were a participating female, I think I’d be lobbying for a North Dakota location.

  • Goose

    What a waste of time. Comparing states with a 4 month riding season, small populations and very few motorcycles per population number with states with a 12 month riding season, large populations and high numbers of motorcycles per population number is pointless. I expect better from

    Get back to me when you compare deaths per mile traveled.

  • Larry Kahn

    Just one more reason Florida sucks.

  • allworld

    The only thing I get from this is how easy it is to distort information. It reminds me of a chap who insist millions of people voted illegally……………

    • Junker

      LOL. I was thinking this is the kind of stats that you could only sell to the Faux News crowd, wondering what the intersection is between motorcyclists and them. In fairness to the author, though, he was not selling anything except possibly some CA bias mixed with some everywhere-but-California underhanded insults.

  • Tennisfreak

    So I do have issues with this article as well.
    Texas, California, and Florida are the 3 most populated states in the nation.
    They also have year round riding weather.

    This article would have had much more relevance if you had at least taken the time to give some percentages relative to population or even licensed riders.

  • mikstr

    would be nice to add the helmet regulations for each respective state… wonder how many are exercising their right to die with their heads smashed in…

  • Guys,
    The first paragraph clearly states, “There is no consideration given to geographic size, topography, population, population density, annual miles traveled by motorcycle, or any other pertinent information that would better determine the actual safety record of a given state.” A cautionary statement if ever there was one.

    • allworld

      True it is very cautionary, and basically leaves you to wonder …….. How do you use this information?

      • No information to be used, really, just a simple countdown of fatalities by state. Something of cursory interest, that’s all.

        • Junker

          It would have been fairly trivial to at least do it per capita so there is at least some frame of reference. This is not even “of cursory interest” to me (then again, I have no idea what a cursory interest might be).

          Actually as I was reading it, with the silly California-only statement on page one and what looked like subtle jabs at some of the other early states (“hibernation”, “boredom”, etc.) , I thought a theme was developing. At least I was wrong about that, I think.

          I wouldn’t mind lane-splitting around here, or at least filtering at stops; but you California guys might also want to consider that there are actually places in this county–probably about 99.9% of it–where lane-splitting would be of limited value. Places where millions of people are not crammed in relatively tiny spaces, where we don’t commute 70 miles because we can’t afford to live where we work, etc. There’s a whole big country out there!

  • kenneth_moore

    Don’t wait to move, lots of us split lanes here in Florida. The only problem I’ve ever had doing it is the occasional crybaby who can’t stand being passed trying to block me. I’ll bet that happens in California too.

    Interestingly, it seems like since y’all legalized it in Cali last year, people seem to actually move over a bit to let me by. Or maybe they’re just chilling with some legal Cali weed.

    • I lane split while living in Atlanta years ago, and was in constant of other motorists – not from the act of lane splitting but because they hated me for doing it, and wanted to kick my ass.

      • Douglas

        um, in constant what of other motorists?

      • Ivan Koogle

        in Atlanta they all wanna kick each otherz asses, and traffic there is a nitemare! were y’all in constant “battle” … say waht?

  • Deryl Clark

    Lots more numbers, but but broken down into relevant categories

    • Ivan Koogle

      okay, now theres real usable data, chek it owt all numb3rs analytical types!

  • Douglas

    Laconia is “the world’s largest bike rally”?…..since when? I doubt it holds a candle to Sturgis or Daytona….maybe not even to BB&B in Arkansas….

    • webheadwilks

      Laconia is lame. Touring rides is all it is.

  • william donnell

    Ditto. Completely moronic and asinine article, comparing the number motorcycle deaths in California, population 38,000,000 to those is Wyoming 500,000 on a good day, is retarded. Nevermind other variables such as actual mikes driven.

  • Scott Silvers

    Typical – people in california cannot fathom that we who live in the rest of the country manage just fine without them.

    • luxlamf

      We don’t give a shit about you, just keep watching the shit we produce everyday of your life on your big screen TVS you bought at Walmart.

  • STAN

    The world will be ruled by motorcyclist.

    • luxlamf

      until it starts raining or snowing..

  • Auphliam

    Wow, judging by previous comments, people took this ALOT more seriously than I did LOL

    Let me just say, I was surprised. Before click one, when reading the headline, the first state to pop up in my mind was Alaska.

    • Ivan Koogle

      if polar bears ever were to be allowed to ride, Alaska could bcom a big problem! especially since they don’t like wearing helmets.

  • webheadwilks

    Stupid article. All are little dinky states or somewhere where no one lives. List all the states if you want to do something worthwhile.

  • duanek

    There’s a 43.1% chance that these statistics are useless

  • Rick Miller

    By contrast, Florida can take solace in knowing that they are pretty low in snowmobile related fatalities.
    This assembly of facts is at best, click-bait.

  • John Garzaniti

    living in Florida it is not exactly a surprise that Florida stands as number 1 in motorcycle fatalities. But again this fatality data has not been adjusted for any number of factors that could make it useful. The question is WHY NOT! WHAT IS THE US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION DOING WITH DATA TO MAKE RIDING MOTORCYCLES SAFER??? (I.E. REDUCE FATALITIES)

  • Alan

    I went through twice and saw no mention of Nevada???