3. Wooly Hat (2015)


Think of it as the helmet version of the ugly Christmas sweater – although it’s not really all that ugly. Fashioned to look like a real stocking cap, the Wooly Hat helmet is simply a super-cool design Aldo Drudi created that incorporates all your X-mas favorites including reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes. Rossi’s 46 flows with the wintery theme, only the AGV and Monster logos uglifying the design.

  • Starmag

    Rossi obviously fancies himself a blonde. Excellent taste in albums though.

  • ColoradoS14

    I just picked up a Rossi helmet myself, been wearing Shoei forever and thought I would add an AGV to my collection. Got the K3 SV Elements helmet and really like it. Certainly not a nice as my Shoeis and quite a bit louder but still love how bright and colorful the graphics are. Here is Rossi with his version of the lid.

  • Old MOron

    Well yes, I guess the original Sun & Moon helmet has to be number one. After that it’s a four-way tie for 2nd in my book.

    The Wish You Were Here helemt, and the three helmets where he pokes fun at himself. You left out The Donkey:

    Oh, okay, one more that I really liked, his Elvis helmet:

    • schizuki

      Yep, totally inexcusable to leave out the Donkey.

      • Old MOron

        Well, we can let it go. What’s a little absent mindedness between friends? But his wife is going to kill him!