Also known as the North Slope Haul Road, the Dalton Highway was constructed to haul machinery and supplies from Fairbanks, AK to Prudhoe Bay, AK (the town formerly known as Deadhorse, AK) for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This road is constructed out of hard-packed gravel with frequent sections of looser stuff as it parallels the pipeline. Great for Adventure bikes, but I rode the 800-mile round trip in over four days (sleeping two nights on the Arctic Circle itself) on a Harley Electra Glide Ultra. It was worth it because the Dalton Highway passes through four distinct Arctic Zones. From Fairbanks to Coldfoot, the stunted spruce trees form the boreal forest. It crosses the Brooks Range when the highway climbs to the highest pass in Alaska, the 4800-foot Atigun Pass. Ultimately, the road flattens out onto the Arctic Coastal Plain where the idiosyncrasies of the Earth’s curvature at its poles deliver the broadest vistas possible on the planet. This view alone is why the Dalton Highway ranks as a separate trip from the Alaska Highway.