Regardless of model – RR, Factory, or some earlier variation – we love Aprilia’s Tuono V4. It’s the only bike that comes close to upsetting the mighty KTM Super Duke R from its hooligan throne, and, depending who you ask, is actually the better motorcycle. In fact, in last year’s Ultimate Streetfighter Shootout EiC Duke and I called it draw. Working against the SDR is that it only comes in an expensive ($17,999) version, whereas the Tuono RR model at $14,999 is more affordable than its counterpart Factory version ($17,499) or the KTM. Although the Tuono was barely out-pointed by Yamaha’s FZ-10 in our most recent Streetfighter Shootout, by a scant 0.2%, the Tuono vaults the cool factor to an unapproachable level for its MotoGP V-4 soundtrack and Italian flair. Performance-per-dollar, it’s hard to match what the Tuono RR brings to the table. The 2017, the Tuono receives several upgrades, including Cornering ABS, color TFT instrumentation, cruise control, an auto-blipping downshifter and a 500-rpm higher redline.

2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Preview

Honorable Mention: EBR 1190SX: $12,995

Poor EBR. With the announcement late last year of yet another liquidation, it seems unlikely that even Erik Buell can phoenix this time around. However, if you’re willing to purchase a motorcycle from an OEM that for the most part already doesn’t exist, the 1190SX is a steal at its current $12,995 price. In last year’s Yet Another Streetfighter Shootout the 1190SX proved to be the most raw among the participants, and we mean that in a good way. And some day a clean EBR could well be very valuable at auction.