Theresa Wallach wrote The Rugged Road about her 7500-mile journey from through Africa in 1934 accompanied by her friend Florence Blenkiron. What was the inspiration for the trip? Florence simply needed to get to South Africa, so Theresa made it happen. Sounds like as good of a reason as any. A trip of a lifetime and one for the record books as they were most likely the first to have traveled the route by motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle mind you, but a Panther 600cc motorcycle with a sidecar pulling a trailer.

Theresa Wallach’s personal story is just as interesting as her trip through Africa, if not more so. As a woman born in England, later moving to the U.S., she imported motorcycles and taught motorcycle safety. She also won the coveted Gold Star for circling the famous Brooklands circuit at over 100 mph (on a Norton 350). This movie has practically written itself. For casting, I’d nominate Jennifer Lawrence for Theresa, and perhaps Emma Watson for her friend Blenk.