Chances are any knowledgeable employee is going to tell you whatever it is, it’s too big. Whether you’re trying on a helmet, race suit, or jacket, customers tend to initially gravitate toward larger sizes because they feel comfortable immediately. Helmets can have a break-in period of their inner liner which can compact up to 30% in some areas so it is important to buy a helmet that fits a bit on the snug side when new After leaving a new helmet on your head for approximately 30 seconds you should have an idea as to whether you are noticing any pressure points bothering you. If so, perhaps the helmet is not the right fit for you. Most Americans are intermediate oval in their head shape head shape which can be found in a variety of models offered by most helmet manufacturers. In terms of fit with race suits, you want them tight, you shouldn’t be able to stand up easily, and yes, I will help you get out of it if needed. Really, though, a race suit is designed to be worn on a sportbike. It is not designed to be comfortable walking around your favorite motorcycling hangout. With jackets, you primarily want to be sure the armor isn’t rolling off of your elbows or shoulders. If it isn’t snug enough to stay in place while standing in the store, it’s not going to stay in place during a crash scenario. (Photo by: Daxiao Productions/

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    Here’s a question that should be asked more often:

    “How close can you get to the online price of $whatever it is?”

    Give your local dealers/retailers a chance to price match- most will get pretty close to the online prices- and if they do, give them your business if you want local places to keep inventory for you to check out.

    The other thing is that online outlets often (not always) have tires & helmets that are close to their “sell by” date whereas brick & mortar stores usually have fresher stock.

    • Jon Jones

      Good call!