Wrong. Sorry to break it to you, but that helmet is probably trashed. Helmets are designed to take impacts similar to a crumple zone in a car. The helmet sacrifices itself in a crash, to keep that brain of yours safe. Although, a get-off might have left little evidence on the outside of an impact, the EPS on the inside could be significantly compromised. So use your brain since you still can and get yourself a new helmet.

  • Jon Jones

    One page, please?

    • Ian Christopher

      Ditto, this feels like those Facebook click-bait lists.

    • Ryan

      I agree, guys. Sorry, it’s not up to me. Thanks for making it known, though. That’s the first step to change.

      • Jon Jones

        Thank you.

  • Walter

    Here’s a question that should be asked more often:

    “How close can you get to the online price of $whatever it is?”

    Give your local dealers/retailers a chance to price match- most will get pretty close to the online prices- and if they do, give them your business if you want local places to keep inventory for you to check out.

    The other thing is that online outlets often (not always) have tires & helmets that are close to their “sell by” date whereas brick & mortar stores usually have fresher stock.

    • Jon Jones

      Good call!