9. Peel Away the Layers

Unless the clutch failed completely, draining the oil isn’t absolutely necessary. However, replacing the clutch pack is a great time to change the oil, too. Otherwise, begin by leaning the bike away from the clutch side so that the oil won’t leak out when you take the clutch cover off. Next, using the appropriate-sized socket, loosen all of the clutch cover bolts in a crisscross pattern. Pick a point on the cover (mark it with a grease pencil if you’re forgetful), remove the bolts one at a time in either direction, and place them in order on a clean shop rag. You may find that the bolts vary in length, so maintaining their orientation might be vital on reassembly. Being organized with your parts as you remove them will keep you from making a mistake on reassembly.

Position a pan to catch any oil that may leak out when you remove the cover. Tap the cover along its edge with a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer to loosen the gasket sealer. Pull the cover free. If the cover still won’t pull free, locate the pry tabs on the clutch cover and gently pry the cover free of the case with a screwdriver or pry bar.