6. 2007 Power Cruisers Shootout


A couple years into the newly-branded Star Motorcycles regime, the 2007 Power Cruisers Shootout included two Yamahas, the V Star Midnight Warrior and VMax. The three other competitors were Harley-Davidson‘s VRSCR Street Rod, Victory’s Hammer and Kawasaki’s Vulcan 1600 Mean Streak. The editors all chose a different bike according to their personal tastes, but were also in agreement that the Midnight Warrior was the best at at combining cruising with powering for a price that was more affordable than the others. This cruiser shootout remains more popular than the number seven in this list, the 2007 Literbike Shootout from the same model year. And people wonder why we cover cruisers as much as we do.

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  • Old MOron

    What?! I demand a recount!

    There is no way that the 2004 Open Class Shootout cannot be number one, never mind not even being in the top ten.

    Check your figures, Blondie. This is MO’s best shootout, ever.


    • Well, perhaps there was a bit of fibbing in this story. Everything was changed-over to new servers in 2007, so anything older than that is just counting views since ’07. It is likely that that ’04 shootout would have ranked higher if we had its previously accumulated ’04, ’05, and ’06 traffic included. That said, in the last seven years, this list does indeed reflect the most read shootout over the last seven years. I won’t be too offended if our old work doesn’t get full credit, I mean seven years really is a long time.

      • Glenn Lutic

        A long time? You must be 22 years old or something?!!

        • Close enough, I’m pretty immature for a 45 year old 🙂

  • And no mention of CrAshley. How could you?

  • Buzz

    I think the Sport Touring shootout needs to be on the list. We rode from Torrance to Reno arriving late at night. We then headed down to take a top to bottom cruise through Yosemite.

    We proceeded to get pulled over for speeding and got tickets for speeding, no insurance and conducting business in a National Park without a permit. We got tossed out of the park.

    Fun stuff!

  • jtm45

    well I was hoping to see the ‘Cows” from the 70’s like the Z1,and the 2 most famous 2 cycle triples the 500 Mach III and the 750 triple.I would buy them all today if I could.