2012 Honda Fury vs. 2011 Yamaha Star Stryker [Video]

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Which Bike's For You?

Which Bike’s For You?

When you talk about any motorcycle that’s powered by a V-Twin engine, a major point of discussion always reverts back to the exhaust note that it produces. And for this comparison we give the nod to the Fury in terms of its overall exhaust sound. No doubt, the Fury and Stryker reward their riders with the pleasing tone normally associated with a V-Twin engine, but Honda’s chopper seems to name that tune just a little bit better.

There’s one other mechanical difference between these two choppers that’s worth noting: Honda offers ABS (anti-locking braking system) for the Fury, at an additional cost of $1,000. The Stryker doesn’t have that feature, and in terms of safety this might be a point many buyers will consider.

2011 Yamaha Star Stryker

But the Fury’s ABS option ups its overall price to $13,999, a sizeable price tag for what is considered a middleweight motorcycle today. Yet the Fury offers what practically no other model can – styling that’s as close to a Captain America chopper as you’ll find anywhere. And that’s an intangible that could be the deciding factor in whether or not you buy this bike.

The Styker’s lower MSRP ($10,990 base; our test bike’s optional Reddish Copper paint bumped the price to $11,240) might make you forget that. Just like size matters, so too can the price that you pay for a given motorcycle. The decision, of course, is yours to make when determining which of these bikes wins in your personal chop off.

2011 Yamaha Star Stryker

“Ultimately, the Stryker is a more well-rounded motorcycle, with slightly better handling, braking and rider comfort along with its considerable $2000 price advantage,” Duke says.
“But if the object of this comparo is to find the best factory custom chopper, the Fury’s graceful proportions and shapes make it easily the most desirable machine in this class.”

2011 Honda Fury

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