2011 Literbike Streetfighter Shootout

Honda CB1000R vs. Kawasaki Z1000 vs. Triumph Speed Triple


A Triumphant return for the Speed Triple!

By definition the term streetfighter doesn’t say a bike fitting this mold has to excel at hooligan antics. But “streetfighter” does imply that any motorcycle falling under this category will elicit from its rider strong urges of unnecessary two-wheeled tomfoolery, and make that rider a repeat offender.

Furthermore, the Triumph Speed Triple draws inspiration from a heritage of British motorcycle hooliganism that started the whole barebones, no-nonsense, wheelie-happy, stoppie-inducing, tire-burnout-blowout, raucous-exhaust-having, streetfighter scene.

2011 Literbike Streetfighter Shootout

Look at the new Speed Triple, and you can almost hear it say, “Oi! Arsehole! Ye puttin’ me in yer gar-age, roight?”

While we found many admirable and desirable qualities in Kawasaki’s Z1000 and Honda’s new CB1000R, we’d “brown-bag our lunches for a year to afford the Triumph’s price premium,” as Kevin said, just so we could reply to the Speed, “Right, mate!”

2011 Literbike Streetfighter Comparison Specs Chart
  Honda CB1000R Kawasaki Z1000 Triumph Speed Triple
Engine 998cc (75.0 x 56.5mm) inline-Four, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder; 11.2:1 c/r 1043cc (77.0 x 56.0mm) inline-Four, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder; 11.8:1 c/r 1050cc (79.0 x 71.4mm) inline-Triple, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder; 12.0:1 c/r
Frame Aluminum frame; alum. single-sided swingarm Aluminum frame; alum. swingarm Aluminum beam twin spar; alum. single-sided swingarm
Suspension 43mm usd fully adjustable fork 41mm usd fully adjustable fork 43mm usd fully adjustable fork; Fully adjustable shock
Rake, Trail, Wheelbase 25.0°, 3.9 inches, 56.9 inches 24.5°, 4.1 inches, 56.7 inches 22.8°, 3.5 inches, 56.5 inches
Tires 120/70 x 17 and 180/55 x 17 120/70 x 17 and 190/50 x 17 120/70 x 17 and 190/55 x 17
Brakes Dual radial-mount 4-piston; 310mm rotors Dual radial mount 4-piston; 300mm rotors Dual Brembo radial-mount 4-piston; 320mm rotors; optional ABS
Seat Height 32.5 inches 32.1 inches 32.5 inches
Curb Weight 485 lbs 481 lbs 471 lbs
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal 4.0 gal 4.6 gal
Base MSRP $10,999 $10,599 $11,799; $12,599 w/ABS

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