On Monday, August 1, 2016, California bill AB 51, the lane splitting bill, passed the full California State Senate in a 38-0 vote. AB 51 recently passed the Senate Transportation Committee in an 11-0 vote. The bill now returns to the California State Assembly for approval.

All California motorcyclists who are interested in seeing AB 51 passed should contact their state senator and ask them to support the bill. You can find out who your representative is here.

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Anyone interested in watching a video of the vote can view it on Lanesplittingislegal.com (Caution: very boring!).

  • SteveSweetz

    This bill is silly. It doesn’t even codify lane splitting as specifically being legal since it was amended.

    Literally all it says is that California Highway Patrol is allowed to come up with lane splitting guidelines. Lane splitting will remain legal merely by virtue of it not being expressly forbidden. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

  • JMDonald

    Is wearing a thong while riding pillion still legal in Palm Springs? More than one golf outing while staying at the Hilton led to many sleepless nights there. The good old days.

    • I don’t know, but please submit pics if you’re asking me for a ride.

    • Ulises Flores

      Ha! Don’t we all wish…The city passed a “indecent while riding” ordinance many years ago…that’s why everyone left for Havasu. Indeed the good old days…

  • Douglas

    Whether splitting is dangerous or not depends almost entirely on one thing….the attitude (read-RESENTMENT) of drivers, either their mantra “you, on the motorbike, are NOT getting ahead of me!” or more recently ” I haven’t time to be checking mirrors and so forth, I hafta stay CONNECTED” (or “I’ve almost found them all, I’m not stopping to worry about who’s close to me in traffic!”.

    If ya wanna see how it really becomes a contact sport, check out any of the Driving (or riding) in Russia vids on Youtube. You’ll be stunned.

  • Bobby

    I’ve seen a lot of dumb laws come out of California, but this has to be the dumbest.