When it comes to creating a splash in the moto world, perhaps no one in the past year did it better than Harley-Davidson when it unveiled an electric motorcycle. H-D, long known as a company tied firmly to vintage roots, shocked everyone with its electrically powered LiveWire.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire First Ride

The first electric motor from the Motor Company made an impression on millions around the globe, including our readers who voted the LiveWire as the top motorcycle in our Readers Choice Electric category. The LiveWire has an appealing stance, attractive finish quality and a surprisingly dynamic performance on the road, which earned our respect. Yours, too.

Discuss this at our Harley-Davidson LiveWire Forum.

Now all the LiveWire needs is a reasonable MSRP and a commitment to be put into production. Until then, Motorcycle.com’s Best Electric – the Zero SR – remains the choice of our editors.

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  • DickRuble

    Readers choice? Who voted? Did they ride it? Did they even see it in person? .. Just a reminder; Lightning motorcycles won Pikes Peak in 2013 and the LS-218 is for sale at about half the prices of the Arch KR-BS.

    • Old MOron

      Phony HD forum? Let me guess. It’s actually owned by VerticalScope!

      • DickRuble

        Don’t guess. Try to think. What does VerticalScope provide? Why is it called a “motorcycle.com” group? Ever heard of product placement, or about opinion shaping?

        • Old MOron

          LOL, I was trying not to make it too obvious.

          • DickRuble

            you succeeded…

  • TheSeaward

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. How can a small fleet of concept vehicles win a populist award?

    • WTF

      Word! They are pretty, but show me how I can buy one and its just March 2015 yet o!0

  • jose

    Seriously? A product that is yet to hit the market? I bet Zero and Brammo are very happy about it. I pick the 74 Z speeder bike featured in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi as my favorite. Super fast adventure bike that can handle laser fire.

    • DickRuble

      But to be honest, who remembers what the options were on the ballot? I can’t remember.. It may have been the only option.

  • schizuki

    Gotta admit, I’m a bit puzzled. Over five years ago Kevin Duke assured me that practical battery technology was only 3-5 years away. Yet the number of electric motorcycles I’ve seen on the road still equals nada. So my question is, what is it now that’s only three to five years away that will make electric motorcycles something that more than a handful of people will buy? I mean, with the battery shortcomings now being conquered and all?

    • Speedwayrn@yahoo.com

      Take a closer look at Zero. They have come a long way. Probably gone further than anyone else as far as being practical. After 2012 starting with the 2013 models things changed significantly. If I lived closer to work they would be a available option for me.

  • CS

    LOL, a HD bike that is not in production (nor planned to) is called the best electric motorcycle. Just sad.

    • Kevin Duke

      Blame it on your fellow readers who chose it. Did you vote…?

  • Derek

    It’s not in production yet, how can you vote for a motorcycle only a handful of people have ridden and no one has bought?

  • Speedwayrn@yahoo.com

    Ok what pimple faced keyboard jockeys voted for all this crap?