It is always exciting to see what our favorite MotoGP athletes come up with for their helmet design. Whether normal race season, winter test, or home race, There is always something new and exciting. Can you identify whose MotoGP helmet belongs to who with only the clips below?

  • 12er

    Accidentally got one right. Thanks BEin sports… (for not being on my cable company)

  • Old MOron
    • Ryan

      Hey, I would just go with it then!

  • john burns

    that was too hard.

  • novemberjulius

    I guessed Valentino Rossi every single one.

  • Mariofz1

    9/10 not bad considering I have been selling helmets for 21 years..

  • Mad4TheCrest

    6 of 10; off the podium

  • therr850

    OOPS! Actually guessed two. For some reason I haven’t tuned into MotoGP or WSBK for the last couple years. We finally get commercial free coverage and I wuss out. Who’s the jerk now? Like the MotoAmerica coverage tho, and AMA Dirt Track on NBCSN!