It’s easy to be a car designer. You’ve got square yards of sheet metal to mold into your own image. Making a motorcycle recognizable is a tougher job. For unfaired models, you’ve got to condense your whole brand identity into a thing that holds four or five gallons of gas. Some manufacturers are fortunate enough to skate with one iconic tank for decades. Others seem to be on a never-ending quest to reinvent themselves with every new model. How well is the brand recognition coming across? Take this enticing MO Quiz to find out…

  • john phyyt

    5/6 and kicking myself.

  • Terry Smith

    6/6; I need to get out more…

  • Starmag

    This was a fun feature.

  • Brett Lewis

    Thanks for that! I didn’t do so well but it’s good stuff.

  • toilet brush

    4 outta 6, I was on the bridge with #6, the Versys was my #2 choice, Question #1 was easiest, the Indian tank is very easy to distinguish from others

  • therr850

    5of6. Missed the Suzuki. If I could see the top of the engine the choice was easy. Couldn’t see enough of the Suzuki and wasn’t sure of the frame. That was fun. Let’s do it again soon.

  • nice post. Loved reading it.