There are many motorcycle gear brands out there on the market these days. Some big, some small. Something to remember though, every brand has a story and an origin. Stories that might surprise you if you took the time to learn them. All too often we forget that behind each company, no matter the size, there were real people who worked hard to found them. More often than not, there are interesting bits of information to learn about the process and ideas that unfolded from these entrepreneur’s creative minds.

Being the self-proclaimed gear nerd that I am, I have taken mental notes on tidbits of information that have left people surprised to learn. It could be how to pronounce their favorite brand’s name or perhaps where a particular brand comes from. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and give this quiz a shot. Who knows, you might just learn something.

  • SerSamsquamsh

    “rebellious Dark Custom™ attitude” – Nothing is more rebellious than a marketing phrase trademarked by a major corporation. Flat track is fun to watch because it’s raw.

    The tank looks awesome though!

    • Gruf Rude

      There’s a peanut that never goes stale!

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Then Kawasaki kicks their ass in total domination

    • john burns

      may be slightly more difficult for them since Bryan Smith, who was their (unpaid) asskicker, has gone to Indian.

  • Auphliam

    Good stuff. Should be an interesting season for sure.

  • DickRuble

    “Unlike our competitors, we are going flat track racing behind an American-made production engine” — American made in India and assembled in Kansas City. I guess Indian loses points for not being a “production’ engine?

    • Auphliam

      That and being built in Switzerland

      • Swiss auto builds the engines for Indian?

        • Auphliam

          They built the 750

    • mikstr

      Hardley propaganda at its finest, lol. They seem to have conveniently forgotten that they were the ones running a purpose-built engine (XR) for the past few decades against everyone else’s production-based mills… surely a simple oversight, lol

      as far as the “American-made” tag, I guess they will pulling an engine from the Milwaukee production batch as opposed to one built in India…. Would be curious to know where parts were sourced for this so-called American-assembled, oops, sorry, “American-made” engine, however…

      I suspect Indian will dominate racing this year, partly due to signing all the top talent, and also because their engine is indeed purpose-built (an optimized design not shackled by the limits of production). Should this happen, I suspect Hog will design their own purpose-built racing engine in a few years (thereby exposing their opportunism and hypocrisy, not that any of their fans will notice, of course)….

    • mugwump

      Best laugh of the day. For HD to tout a production engine is just hilarious. Let’s see how much Vance and Hines has been able to ring out of this. The Harley engineers are busy working on t-shirt and bandana designs.

  • DickRuble
    • Auphliam

      Hopefully things will be a little more competitive now that they’re all running juicers. No more “balancing” the rule book for the old air cooled 4-cam.

      • DickRuble

        Imagine what you could do with a KTM 690 engine.

  • Phil Kraft

    All 500 and 750’s for the US and Canada are built in Kansas City. I’ve toured the factory and watched them on the production line. India is building 500 and 750 models for India, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    • Gary Latessa

      They are designed in India and most of the parts are too. Then shipped to Kansas city for assembly. The Indian motor will be built by Swiss Polaris. Owned by Polaris by the way. And then built here in the states by hand. Harley will have a tough year to say the least. Their xg couldn’t even get near the front row last year.

  • kenneth_moore

    If Harley really wants to get some attention they should bring back board-track racing. A series run with their new Milwaukee Eight as spec engine ought to be exciting. 100+ mph on 800+ lb. bikes, running on a 1 mile oval made with 2x4s. Now that would be “rebellious and dark!”

    • Gruf Rude

      Yeah and they killed a lot of spectators back in the day. Talk about audience participation!

  • Maxxheight

    Hardly always likes to wave the flag about how many titles they won in the class, but when the rules are changed so much that you have the only bike (for a long period of time) that qualifies to run in that class, it doesn’t seem like your bragging carries much weight. It’s like a race for turtles where the grand turtle brags about turtles winning year in and year out. Change the rules so that you don’t have to have a shell, and instantly the turtle is no longer competitive. I hope Kawasaki smokes these pieces of junk. I know lots of HD employees, and they all hate the 500’s and 750s’. If the rider’s edge program hadn’t sucked up a bunch of the supply, these things would be lined up on showrooms across the country.

    • DickRuble

      A 20 yo Magna 750 looks stellar compared to the ugly engineered Street 750. I walked around a few in the showroom while waiting for my inspection sticker and they look worse up close than in picture. I am curious why HD employees dislike them.

      • Nearly Over

        They hate them for the same reason they hated Buells and still hate the Vrod.

  • Born to Ride

    “Anteporre Gabbiano Vaffanculo” lol

    • Helen

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    • Vivienne

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  • Auphliam

    5 out of 10…WooHoo, Internet Expert once again!

  • SRMark

    Got 4 right but really only knew one (Aerostich location)

    • 12er

      6 but same knowledge, better guesser I suppose.

  • Matt O

    3/10 shows how much I pay attention to brand history

    • Mahatma

      Same here.Started out lucky and got 2 for 2,but went down hill from there.

  • Rocky Stonepebble

    Eight. And, every one was a guess. I miss Technic.

  • Henry Mah

    got 9 and 8 were pure guesses, only knew duluth

  • Douglas


  • mugwump

    And I have some Wolfman stuff. 5/10, I guess good.

  • Kid Thunder

    0 out of 10 & only 2 guesses!!

  • Tinwoods

    Could someone please tell me what bike it is we’re looking at in this title photograph? Thanks…

    • Bryan Spears

      That’s an Aprilia Shiver 900

  • Ian Parkes

    5/10 disgusted. Good trivia Ryan. I answered the Alpinestars one with a swagger but still got it wrong.