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Primary Objective No. 2, though no less critical, is protection. The boots are constructed of split grain leather and Kevlar®, filling the "Cool Safety Materials" requirement nicely. They're double-stitched throughout as well, and after nine or so months of thrashing about town they look almost as good as day one, so they also earn the "Durable Construction" badge that all young boots covet. A steel inner shank provides sole support while you're on the pegs, and the toes and heel are stiffened and reinforced. The ankle area, all around, is fully padded. Reflective strips on the sides and back are also nice additions. In short, there's no reason to believe that these shoes wouldn't take a bullet for your feet.

The laces are a little a-frayed
from the Velcro®.
The laces are covered with a large overlap which seals with Velcro® to keep them out of the way, which is an essential feature, but herein lies a slight design flaw. The overlap does a fine job of streamlining the look and stowing the laces, but the Velcro® on the overlap wears away at the tops of the laces over time, and they fray. It's really more of a minor nuisance than anything, but a minor nuisance nonetheless. Thanks to the low-cut heel, these boots go on quickly enough that you don't have time to be too annoyed.

Styling-wise, reviews were mixed. The evaluator's girlfriend, a lovely Italian-American said, "Weird. What are they?" Another female friend, a lovely African-American said, "Cool. What are they?" In that they inspired two lovely women to comment may in itself be a feature of this footwear, but aside from that, all other opinions, in the office and out, were split, so you're spinning the wheel and taking your chances with these hush-pups. They're made in Italy, though, so that automatically earns 'em an honorary style nod.

In that these boots have worn very well and keep motorcyclists thoughtfully in mind with their design, they succeed with their mission. They do set you back $120 USD, however, which is serious clammage for some, so it's a judgment call. Tired of hard-to-don boots? Demand more protection than ordinary shoes or high tops? Do you belong to the 50% of humanity that thinks they look oh-so-fine? If you answered yes to these questions, then buy 'em because they will serve you long and well, no matter what your riding style. Maybe Sidi's on to something. Three-and-a-half stars.

Motorcycle Online Rating: ***1/2

Sidi Motosports are available at
The Sidi Motosports are priced at $120.00.

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