MotoStars - Celebrities + Motorcycles: Book Review

A celebration of motorcycles and the people who made them famous

Society has always been captivated and inspired by the image of the lone wanderer, one who lives free from the constraints and obligations within our society. Movie audiences in particular have especially been drawn to those rebellious characters upon the silver screen, whether they can identify with them, or simply wish they could.

Commissioned by the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, MotoStars – Celebrities + Motorcycles tells the stories behind the trailblazing icons who define what motorcycling is about for many of us. Steve McQueen, an elusive man who avoided the trappings that fame, money and celebrity status brought him was the archetype of cool.

At one time the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he could have afforded to be waited on hand and foot within the confines of a palace but was most comfortable getting his hands dirty maintaining or riding one of his many motorcycles. Long before James Dean found fame and fortune, he was an avid rider and enthusiast. MotoStars tells the tale of his infatuation from his teens until his untimely death.

MotoStars also reveals the common passion of motorcycling from a wide variety of celebrities involved in the culture but not necessarily known for it. His Airness, Michael Jordan, rapper and comedian Tom Arnold are among the well-known ones who show off their favorite two-wheeled wonders.

The large, glossy book isn’t just about celebrities however as motorcycles are the true focus here. MotoStars pays homage to bikes that play the starring roles and have become timeless classics. The 1969 Sportster from Then Came Bronson, Peter Fonda’s Captain America bike from Easy Rider and the LAPD Kawasaki 1000 replica from Terminator II are all here, to name a few. Other highlights include projects by by renowned builders and customizers, Arlen and Corey Ness, Big Daddy Roth and Roland Sands.

MotoStars is a book for those who wish to read about fascinating stories of famous motorcycles and the people behind them. Not only will you have a conversation starter sitting on your coffee table, but you will become armed with all kinds of ‘Did you know?’ stories and anecdotes for your next movie night or cocktail party.

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