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Icon Airframe Helmet Review

Back in black

By Dustin A. Woods, Feb. 04, 2009, Photography by Icon

Whenever a box arrives at our office that looks as though it may contain motorcycle gear, employees seem to appear out of nowhere like mice salivating over a tasty slice of brie. The day that the Icon helmet box appeared in our office was no different of course, with everyone trying on the helmet like Cinderella’s glass slipper to see if they would indeed be the chosen one. Thankfully for me, luck or possibly genetics was on my side as the helmet fit my head like a glove. All those present groaned in defeat as they sauntered back to their offices with their tales between their legs. Suckers. Elated, I swaggered back to my office and placed the flat black trophy upon my desk for all to see.

Yes, it was a good day. If the Icon Airframe had done nothing more than look incredibly badass while sitting on my desk, I would have been satisfied. Much like motorcycles themselves, however, regardless of how well they look it is how they perform that truly matters. The first thing I did, after doing a victory lap of the office with the helmet on, of course, was to swap out the clear visor with the silver mirrored one - making it appear all the more menacing.

Let us get the official business out of the way first, shall we? The Icon Airframe is DOT and SNELL M2005 approved. Thumbs up for that. When fitted property, the fiberglass, Dyneema and carbon fiber composite shell, along with the energy absorbing EPS liner, greatly reduces the possibility of head injury in the event of an accident. That’s good news, since helmets are more about safety than they are about fashion.

The first thing that struck be about the Airframe, aside from the flat black Rubatone paint made from a special formula of rubberized polymers, was that this helmet was clearly constructed by people who ride motorcycles. The ‘Proshield’ visor, which is available in a variety of colors and tints, features a locking mechanism to keep it locked down, even at high speeds. The visors also feature removable side plates that can be swapped in favor of other colors and graphics, which is neither here nor there but they do look kinda cool.

My favorite feature is the chin curtain, which helps keep gusting winds out of the helmet at high speeds and during shoulder checks. It also helps keep cool air out of there on cold days which assists in preventing fog ups. Speaking of fog, the removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging. It doesn’t eliminate it altogether, although I have yet to wear a full face helmet that does. The oversized intake and exhaust ports allow for decent head ventilation in addition to the ‘HydraDry’ moisture wicking material used throughout the inside of the helmet, which is also removable.

Ultimately, the best lid will always be the one that fits best. Icon has integrated some innovative and well appreciated features to this helmet that also look great. My advice is, if the helmet fits – wear it.